Worked hard to have charging stations installed at work Today that work paid...

Worked hard to have charging stations installed at work. Today that work paid off! :-)

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  • Car looks gorgeous

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  • Awesome! Hoping that would happen at my work at some point in the future. Car looks super clean - do they give you a free car wash at work too? ;)

  • Is it free ?

  • It's not free. They didn't want to give EV drivers free electricity where ICE drivers didn't get free gas.

  • Congrats, car looks great. In case you are not aware, the end of the plug cover on the i3 has a void in it so that it can be hung on a little notch on the charging cover flap. This will keep your paint from being marred.

  • I was looking for that void, but couldn't find it...

  • It should be there

  • The mysterious void is on the opposite side from where the cable attaches. Took me about a month to figure it out...

  • Has anyone seen the soft plastic plugs mar the rather indestructible paint? I've let mine fall down and even forgotten to shut the door and driven down the freeway (!) and haven't seen any marks on the paint.

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  • The paint is very soft and the clear coat even more soft. Clear coat scratches are less noticeable but still easy to create unintentionally.