who likes the look of a lowered car vs stock. not slammed just lowered

who likes the look of a lowered car vs stock? not slammed, just lowered.

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  • Haha

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  • About an inch to inch in a half looks good. Imo

  • I can has low?

  • Josh Valdez youre on bagsz !? Thats faking loww.

  • Rofl, no bags at all

  • Lol looks sooo gewd but id be more paranoid than I already am about potholes and bumps !

  • Thought I hazit low kar.

  • Yeah man, I dropped my friend off at his apartments and they had the steepest speed bumps ever, scraped over the first one and then made his ass walk the rest of the way.

  • Lol. I wouldve let him get in the car. Let him enjoy the heat and googled him a reputable cars service #. But, if it was a girl - fwend ;) I would give her ride to train statwion.

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  • Haha he had let someone borrow his car, I'm not going to his place ever again :p