What is this off a Bmw e46 m3. Also I am having a starting issue problem

What is this off a Bmw e46 m3. Also I am having a starting issue problem (already changed starter). I'll tell you the back story leading to the problem

So Friday leaving from work at around 1 o'clock with the weather of 80 degrees. It started sluggish but it end up starting. I drove maybe about 8 miles. Shut off the car. Went to go back to my car all of sudden didn't start at all no crank / just nothing. I had to go on vacation so I let it sat for three days came back on fourth and went to go start the car and it started up with no problems. I thought maybe it's the starter going bad.. So I took apart the intake pipe- intake manifold took out all the hoses got the starter put in the starter and started putting things back together. So finally in the end I went to go start the car. The car started and quickly shut off. I started the car stepped on the gas and it would stay on but it was rough. If I let go of the gas it quickly shut off. I got a code of p0901 and thought maybe because I disconnected the battery maybe the computer is trying to communicate again so I erased the code. After that I got a code of p0174 after letting it sit it disappeared but the car is still acting the same. Idk what I did wrong or what other options I have. I tried looking at the hoses and everything is connected. I clean the maf sensor and still nothing.

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  • Try spraying like a brake clean around the intake if it's not painted or anything. Sounds like possible air leak after the maf. Maybe boot isn't on right by throttle body ?

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  • ^^ hmm clever. It starts and dies consistently. I feel it like its choking too. Much like if you forget to reconnect the maf sensor and try to start the car it just dies

  • Also that damn pcv under the intake make sure that's hooked up had something similar but car sounded like straight butt hole

  • Hmm didn't think to look at that might be disconnected

  • Yea so check those and then let me know

  • Sounds like your icv is sticking. Pull it out and let it soak in choke and brake cleaner for an hour.

  • These codes come up on this little fancy machine but not on a regular obd scanner. No CEL but these are in here...

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  • Update I just changed fuel filter / fuel pressure regulator.