What in the world is a Smokers Package

What in the world is a Smokers Package?

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  • An ecigarette?

  • Cars
  • 12V lighter type socket for plugging in electronic devices.

  • Ashtray and a cigarette lighter

  • In the UK a la carte options, it is listed as: the blind plug on the 12v socket being changed to a cigarette lighter and includes a removable ashtray insert. It is a £20 option.

  • Smokers are social outcasts.

  • I'm hoping it's just the 12v socket and NOT an ashtray. I seriously did not think they made those for cars anymore!

  • You get the 12v socket anyway. You don't need the smokers package.

  • Ross Yes agreed but the "Smokers Package" is listed in the sheet the dealer sent me with all my car's info on it. I just thought it was so weird.

  • in one case I saw, it meant one pop in cigarette lighter and a receptacle that went into the cup holder.

  • Cars
  • Lay off smokers