What do you guys think of these. Easy to install

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  • umm Journeyman Roussell, last time i checked "What do you guys think of these? Easy to install? " is asking for opinions and EASE of installation... A brutally honest opinion was given... If you can't handle other's opinions, then don't ask for it.

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  • If ur gonna spend money tho just get real deal ....headlight with v4 don't waste 80 bucks honestly

  • Zain, you ask for a lot of advice, and always seem to want to go against everyones suggestions, so why do you even ask???

    Vincent doesnt sugar coat it, trolls sometimes(a lot, lol) but his advice is solid.

    Stop being so sensitive!!!!!

  • But is modding a 335 like a Honda civic

  • Zain Khataw don't get them trust me. My cousin got it on his m3 and just after 3 weeks one of the bulbs is not evenly lite anymore. Just a waste. Like mike said get v4.

  • lol journeyman blocked me

  • Consider it a 80 dollar discount and u can always resell ur v4 headlights these bulbs will be garbage when ur done

  • Hit me up when you're ready to step up to V4.

  • Lmao I think he left the group.

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  • Lol