Weird one but does anyone s steering wheel squeak Mines just started doing it...

Weird one but does anyone's steering wheel squeak? Mines just started doing it and have no idea how to stop it

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  • No sorry. I just remember being told that there's some kind of rubber gromit that needs a tiny bit of oil of grease on it and you need to get up under the dash to access it

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  • Ok mate thanks for the info, I'll have a look at weekend

  • Best of luck and if you manage to sort it, please update here. I've yet to do my own LOL

  • Lol no worries I will do

  • Yes undo the knee pad under the steering wheel the pull back the rubber gator thats on the shaft and that will reveal a plastic collar. Put some lubricant around it and that should sort it....10min job bud

  • Cool cheers Andrew. Wasn't exactly sure myself as I was going by what I had been told but not got round to it

  • The collar was cream on mine if I remember rightly....I only used wd40 as its all I had but I believe a silicon lubricant is best

  • Excellent cheers mate

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