Washington joins New Jersey in exempting i3 from state sales tax

Washington joins New Jersey in exempting i3 from state sales tax:

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  • YES!!! FRIGGIN AWESOME!! Cant wait for that conference call Manny - would you ship the car to WA for me :)?

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  • Great news! Congrats Washington, good move.

  • Rahul gladly, but it'll wipe away any benefits of that tax you just saved ;)

  • Maybe you need to mentor some dealer here Manny - its a sad state of affairs here - I am in touch with 3 different people and none of them have been able to tell me anything that I don't know from this forum - in fact they are misinformed - one of them quoted that OCF was only for states that don't allow leases - which was quickly dispelled by Tom. Now I know how to say your last name though Tom - thanks to your video on BMW Next :)

  • Rahul Well I thank you for the vote of confidence. Maybe the powers that be in this group (I know you're reading this LOL) will give me that position up in the Golden palace we call corporate ;)

  • With the effort you guys are putting into this, I would be more than happy to do anything I can to land you into that "Golden Palace" - perhaps write a review for you Manny ? Although, I fear people in the golden palace get fat & snobby :p

  • Rahul True. I'll stay where I'm at. I don't like snobby people :)

  • Haha - careful choice of words there Manny - Rock on sir!

  • Just curious, has anyone done research on if other states are thinking of taking this tact on these cars? What a great incentive!

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  • Heather, I have heard only about WA and NJ. Would love for California to offer a sales tax exemption for EVs instead of the CVRP program, but it doesn't look likely at this stage.