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When I originally formed this group, what was posted here was only viewable within the group. So your friends that weren't group members didn't see your posts within the group. However Facebook changed that and now posts in open groups can also be seen by all your FB friends. Members have asked me to change the group to closed, so only the group sees what is posted here. Nothing else will change and anyone can still join. I want to know how everyone feels about it. What would you like me to do?

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  • Yep, and I've changed my mind. Let's go closed - I'm sick of all my friends commenting about how obsessed I am with this car. :( They just don't understand!

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  • Heather - Now they know you're complaining about them :)

  • Oh crap Chris!!! I'm so screwed! LOL

  • OK.. so requesting again. Please close the group !

  • Closed is my vote. I have friends that are into things that I have no interest in and I don't really like having my page feed filled with their posts. I also don't want to bombard my friends with stuff about EVs because they do not have the passion I have and some have no interest at all.

    So, the way I decided to deal with all my posts showing up on my uninterested friends pages was to open a 2nd Facebook account with the same name to post here and other EV related pages. This is not the best option, but was really the only way I could see to deal with it.

    Having the "closed" designation would make doing this not necessary.

    As far as Jeff's point about exposing friends to new information that they might not see, I agree that this has value, but if a post does have value to others then you can share it on your timeline and be selective about it and this way your other friends will not get a slew of posts.

  • Closed please. Let me decide what I share with my friends.

  • OK so I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to vote here by leaving the poll open for a week which we are only a few hours short of now. We are currently at 125 votes to change the group to closed and 21 voted to leave it open. 86% want it to be changed to closed so that is what I will do. The other admins and I have been discussing this and trying to figure out if there is any better way to deal with the privacy concerns that many of you have expressed and I believe this is really the only option under Facebooks current design. The change will take place later today once we have updated the group description so that it is clear the group is still "open" to anyone that wishes to join.

    Thank you for your input and comments. This group now has over 1,000 members and I believe it will continue to grow at the same pace it has even with the change in settings. I also think the terms "open" and "closed" are unfortunate and not appropriate here. Facebook should use "public" and "private" to differentiate the group settings instead, but that's just my opinion.

  • good work Tom and thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  • Tom, I'm sure you've already considered this but maybe a PINNED post at the top to explain that it's REALLY open?

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  • Heather: The group description will explain that. People that are not members will no longer see any pinned posts, only the group description. The people that are in the group will see the change I made posted in the group description. I can pin that though if members want.