Tom Moloughney added 8 photos to BMW Active tourer in BMW i3.

Some pics of the 2014 BMW Active Tourer 225i

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  • BMW haven't been making those. Mini have been making then in Oxford ;) and they did of course invent FWD thanks to Sir Alec Issigonis. That engine does sound impressive.

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  • Mini is of course part of BMW, and 2014 Minis are using the new BMW FWD platform and BMW engines.

  • On your first observation, of course but they kept the brands separate for a reason. On your second, I concede I have no defence.

  • They want to have broader market appeal and sell more cars. It's a business, not a club.

  • They have to be careful. Watering your brand down is risky. They have to make this car BMW enough or people will think "why wouldn't I just get a C4 grand?" or a 308 car of the year hehe

  • Tom Moloughney, any sign of the X5 plug-in hybrid there?

  • Chris Llana: it is a nice little motor (assuming they can tame vibrations), but it is getting up there in terms of specific output - not easy to make a really high specific output engine that is also really durable over the long, long haul. I wonder how well these are going to fair after a lot of use. Engines are getting more powerful and more efficient, but that is still a pretty significant state of tune for a street car. At least the crank should be stiffer than a long sixer.

  • BMW has invested heavily in its 0.5 liter per cylinder family of engines (as a way to cut costs). I'm pretty sure they feel it's going to work out profitably for them; a lot of warranty work would take a bite out of their profits.

    From the reviews, they seem to have gotten control of the vibrations. A 3-cyl is more like a six (crank geometry) than a four (which is more like two 2-cyl engines stuck together).

  • Chris: agree a three is better than a two and in some aspects better than a four, but it's no six. Not only do sixes have twice as many power pulses per crank revolution but are also balanced in both the first and the second order. Packaging challenges aside, they really are the best engine configuration in the world (and a pair joined into a V-12 doesn't suck either). Not to be confused with a V6, which is among the worst configurations possible (just a nice dense package).

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  • I agree with all of that. Of course, electric trumps all of those configurations!