Thinking of selling my 520d and buying a 645ci

Thinking of selling my 520d and buying a 645ci

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  • It's a v8 mate so usual is oil leaks big on is valve stem seals turn the car on leave it running for 10-20 mins then Rev it if blue smoke then that's a lot to fix next is oil leaks get under the car check the trays if tray is wet take it off an look at it proper,

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  • Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Is that all I need to look out for?

  • Make sure it's smooth through the gears make sure there's no battery faults take a code reader an make

    Sure All the electrics work usual really

  • I'm pretty thorough when buying a car anyway. I was at the guys house for 4 hours looking my e60 before I bought it. Must have checked every bit and bolt hahah

  • Cheaper insurance for 645,wtf!!!

  • Yep, to me 635d would of been Cheaper to insure than 320d

  • Hopefully the petrol price will go down and we can run big engines :))

  • My 520d is £1400 and just had a quote for a 645ci for £1300

  • 1400!!!! Bloody hell. I'm paying 550 atm and I'm still thinking is a bit expensive

  • The only real problem is u will be spending a shit load of cash on petrol a week

  • I use a van in the week my 5 series is just a weekend luxury. Lucky to do 25-30 miles. So not too fussed about fuel use

  • Daniel Baciu all my no claims bonus (5years) is commercial vehicle and they don't accept that

  • I pay £520 and I think it's expensive, but saying that I had an Ml before my Bm and I was pay £510

  • I have the 545 and I'm getting about 17-18 mpg still 80-100mile for £20 not bad like on the motorway it's 26-30 ish lol

  • Google n62 coolant pipe and check it, if it was not changed, it will 100% fail. BMW engineering. If you got the budget then go for it, I had one and I regret selling it.

  • Good old BMW v8 timing chain tensioner issues as well. My local dealer have two that are being done.

  • Do it there's not as much that can go wrong on an i than any d.

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  • Slack oil change intervals causes this and stem seal issues. 6k oil changes standard on any engine.