That makes my day. LOL

That makes my day! LOL

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  • The idea is not bad but can't this smaller? WHy is everybody making this so complicated? And what will it cost? Is'nt it better to have an extra batterypack instead of this?

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  • It is better to use another mode of transport for long trips.

    Use this fully to get to your grandmother's and count the many hours it will take to charge car & trailer.

  • Better an I3 with Rex ...

  • Depends on how frequently the need for mor range arises.

  • Yip, I take sometimes 260km trips, let say twice a month. I can charged on the way but a rex is a little more comfort and a little pricy 4000€ extra, anyway if you realy want it you buy it.

    I did a calculation and let say I drive 10yrs with an sorento or I drive a I3 10 years i get refund even with a rex!. Now I'm waiting to get the extra options 4 free! lol

  • How does the Belgian state help you?

  • We don't pay BIV (extra expensive tax) and using it in business we can refund the taxes. Full electric 120% tax back, with REX 100% depends... Roadtax is 75€ (Sorento is a 375€). I would like to see more, rumours say that it will be better in future but knowing Belgium I don't think so. Also where I live people laugh if you want an EV, they call us extreme or lunatics. Oldfashion here! The same with every green idea here!

  • Ah, this old chestnut again. These trailer solutions keep getting trotted out by well-meaning but naive entrepreneurs, and are ultimately nothing more than a distraction. First of several problems: crash safety.

  • Renault/Nissan/Dacia/Samsung are working on adding PHEV s in their lineup so this is just an interim solution

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  • This would easily fit in the cargo area of an i3 BEV. Who wants the run the numbers on time to recharge? If you were going camping or headed way out off the grid, and didn't have access to an ICE, I suppose there could be a very slender use case for this (but more in theory than practice) _li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creati veASIN=B002RWK9N2&linkCode=as2&tag=scratc0a-20