Thanks to everyone who gave advice on my trade in now final question pls

Thanks to everyone who gave advice on my trade in now, final question pls! Taking delivery tomorrow (yippee) but dealer just emailed me asking if I want a 'fast charge cable'' for £165? Presumably a charge cable is included or how do I charge the car?? Or is this something else??? Sorry for being a novice but would appreciate any feedback. Thanks as always.

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  • If you are getting a new 94Ah car, make sure they give you a three-phase cable as this allows charging at 11kW with some chargers, not just 7kW which is max for the single-phase cable.

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  • Matt - is the fast charge cable the same as a three phase cable?

  • Charlie Hunt different types of mennekes 'type 2' cables. You want the fastest (3 phase) type.

  • Charlie don't buy a used cable if it's the 94Ah that you're buying

  • I'm just about to list my fast charge cable on eBay. (Well, in a day or two!!) Still with original box, think I used it 3 or 4 times. Let me know if interested.

  • Bev yes 94ah - so are u saying buy the dealer on for £165?

  • Yes. The 94Ah can charge up to 11kW with the correct cable on the 22 AC chargers. The old cables can only charge up to 7kW. False economy. Make them give you the new cable. Ross Pierrepont is there a way of identifying it as the correct cable?

  • If it's a dealer demonstrator they really should give it to you

  • Goiod spot Matt!

  • Charlie Hunt, we originally had this on our order, then took it off last minute on the basis that we could always buy one later if we found we needed one. Almost 2 years later, we've not had need for it. Based on your/Thandi's expected use, I don't see you needing it.

  • £165 will be a lot of REXing, if you need to get to a CCS on a motorway.

  • In public fast charging.CCS cable is provided .Don't know why buying a fast charging cable?

  • Different here. Rapids CCS are tethered but most public fast chargers are untethered so we take a cable with us

  • The cable I got with mine is the old version. I'm not sure there is anywhere you can actually use the new cable at the moment. All the chargers where you can get 11kW seem to be tethered anyway.

  • I thought someone, obs not you, posted saying it different .

  • I use my fast charge cable all the time. The Source London posts mostly all require the fast charge cable so I would have a nightmare without it! Well I would shop less put it that way ;) They were going to charge me for it but during the 'bartering' phase they threw it in for nothing! Enjoy tomorrow :)

  • We have one hardly used as we have a Rex £80

  • There are actually four options for these cables 16A single phase will give you only 3.6kW. 32A single phase will give you 7.2kW unless some one else is using the same charge point where it will drop to 3.6kW. 16A three phase which with the 94Ah car in Europe will give you 11kW provided the charge point is three phase if its only single phase you are back to 3.6kW. 32A three phase will give you 11kW unless its only a single phase unit which many home ones are where it will drop to 7.2kW. If a home unit is 16A or you are sharing a 32A single phase unit it will drop to 3.6kW.

    I'm intending getting a 32A three phase to give me maximum flexibility but I don't think its absolutely necessary. If you mostly charge at home 32A single phase would be fine. If you mostly use fast chargers 16A three phase would be fine.

  • But there are only 2 actual cable choices aren't there? My dual charger at work will charge two cars at 32A at the same time.

  • Ross Pierrepont nope. There are quite a lot of 22kW chargers in the UK. In fact in Scotland there are far more 22kW ones than 7kW ones. You can connect a 44kW AC rapid as a tethered 11kW fast charger, but that is only really a sane thing to do if it doesn't have a working CCS plug and you are desperate. People often confuse 22kW chargers for 7kW ones because they look identical.

  • Ross Pierrepont you could try Babington, Whitworth, Walton or Ilkeston Hospitals, all 22kW chargers.

  • No there are four cables as per my note which you can use with an i3. There are also 16A and 32A single phase cables with a different connector to the car used by Japanese built cars in the UK like the Leaf, Citroen cZero, Peugeot ion, Mitsubishi iMiEV and outlander PHEV, Ampera, plug in Prius. Because of the different plugs on the cars it makes sense to bring your own cable and allows all the outlets to be the same.

    If you can get 32A from both sides of the charger at your work place that's good many charge points drop to 16A when more than one car plugged in.

  • On the twin headed pod points at Bluewater two cars can and do charge at 32A.

  • Bev that's good to know and local knowledge is great but many units that I've used cut down the rate to 16A when a second car is connected. That's one of the great advantages of the newer i3s

  • Charlie we're waiting to see pics !

  • Just got home 40miles on clock and it is dark! Love it - the fun begins !

  • Martin Lee yes, we ran two 32A cables when it was installed.

  • BMW have two part numbers for the 7kW and 11kW cables. The price quoted to Charlie Hunt (£165) is for the single phase 7kW cable. The price I was quoted from BMW for their 11kW one was about £230 so I went for a longer 7.5 m three phase one from a third party supplier for the same price. The 7kW cable will work fine with the 94Ah car but if you find a 3-phase post you won't be able to charge at 11kW.

  • I think that BMW only supply two types of fast charge cable: 32A single phase and 32A 3-phase. However Martin Lee is quite correct about the four types of fast charging cable that are compatible with the car. These are available from third party independent suppliers.

  • Thanks James, that clears it up

  • Our work posts also charge two cars at 32A simultaneously. I think that each post is wired to two independent phases. However the Chargepoint Genie twin posts in Southend-on-Sea do drop to 3.5kW when both sides are in use according to my observation, so I suspect that they are wired to a single phase.

  • Gonville Bromhead, is this three phase cable a BMW one or a Mennekes one? I couldn't find any place to get this, if it's a Mennekes one. I ended up getting a 7.5 m 3-phase cable from Amazon "EV Cables CHC004(7.5M)T 3-Phase Premium Fast Charging Cable, 32 A/ 7.5 m" for £209 in the end.

  • Nice colour! But getting very common now, unfortunately

  • It's the same colour as the BMW one but I don't think they sell it wholesale anywhere. This came via another manufacturer.

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  • If it had arrived a day earlier, could have had 3 parked in a row at today's school nativity! :-)