Still having low power on my m70 so far I ve done the while ignition system...

Still having low power on my m70, so far I've done the while ignition system, fuel pump, fuel filters, gaskets on the top end, rebuilt and calibrated throttle bodies, and cleaned the injectors. What could be the cause? I get an occasional misfire at idle and an occasional o2 sensor code.

Ran like a train when I bought it but it was getting 6mpg so I figured it needed a pretty good tune up. I'm 90% there's no more vacuum leaks too.

--another problem, I now have to manually jump the fuel pump relay.

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  • Hard to say without looking at it, but remember there are dual fuel pump relays as well as everything else on the M70, so make sure both of your crank sensors are working, so that both DME's are doing their job.

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  • what plugs are you running?

  • Remove the goldcolour and it will be fine...

  • I should clarify it no longer gets 6mpg, it ran well when I got it at that gas mileage, I'm now getting about 15 but have low power

  • Is that 6mpg from the obc or actual mileage

  • Compression checked out good, getting spark in all 12 cylinders

  • Unhook your exhaust

  • I only have 1 high flow pump now. Will check resistance on crank sensors

  • Turned out to be a bad crank position sensor, it's gone bad since I bought the car lol. I'll probably be straight piping it if it turns out to be the cps, I wanted to get it running right before exhaust work

  • I'm think I should black out all the silver now and just have the kidney grills painted gold :p

  • Why not the rims..?

  • Well it's on bottlecaps right now but I guess it has to be done

  • Goldrims makes you one of a kind on e32..

  • All good, sorry i didnt see your bit about the one new pump :)

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  • Actual. My obc is too dim to read