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How difficult do you brainiacs recon it would be to drop this into an E46? Probably a touring just to have the sleeper side to it. Or any better cheap base cars that it would be easier to drop into?

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  • V12 is cheep. From old 7 series

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  • Get another bmw for that! Haha. Has anyone ever put a saab b204 in a bmw?

  • That's price from an E65/F01

  • Yeah there's an E30 on you tube that has b204 dropped in

  • I'd go m3 or m5 v8

  • Yeah the V8s do sound nice like with a good exhaust system

  • Sound even better with a charger

  • Pal of mine is dropping a b204 in his e30 as we speak there's been a few done before

  • Let us know how it goes james. Saab to bmw cant be too straight forward.

  • He's having a few problems but nothing serious just needs a little help from those that's completed the build he's getting there slowly but not giving in

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  • Be worth it in the end. There really good engines and you can see good power from them.