Spotted in front of my house

Spotted in front of my house.

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  • I love those wheels... wish my giga-world had them.

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  • Me too, Peter.

  • Those wheels look best on white and that pewter color. I'd love to have one as a full-size spare in the garage.

  • Peter, Those are the base wheels that come with Mega world. Our Mega has them. My wife likes the Giga wheels. Maybe we could trade!

  • That might work. Mitch Morgan. I asked the dealer if he could swap wheels when I first got the car, but he could not. Not sure where you are, but I'm on the Los Angeles area.

  • My Baby brought me safely to work

  • Peter, we are in NJ. I'll send you our wheels and while we are waiting for yours we'll just ride around on the rotors

  • Peter - I'd switch and am in SD.

  • I just remembered, I'm on a lease. The dealer might not look kindly on a change of wheels...

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  • They may or may not ever notice, but that is a good point. I would wait until after you decide to purchase (or not).