Some help guidance from the group I just bought the Iliumworks engine crash...

Some help/guidance from the group - I just bought the Iliumworks engine crash bars for my 2016 GTLE, and trying to figure out how to remove the lower fairings without doing any damage! I remove the 2 screws on the bottom, the 2 on the front, then I assume I need to remove the driving lights - but how to get to those? Is the correct procedure to loosen the 2 screws that clamp it to the bar that come thru the fairing? If so, how did anyone get to those? I tried a bit, and mine seem to be on so tight I'm afraid of striping the heads.

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  • Thanks guys - guess I'll just have to use more force on the aux light screws and hope for the best! Everything else came out with ease.

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  • Make sure you have the right size torx, I think it was #25. It as blue locktite, it will take a lot of force.

  • Cool, thanks Phi!

  • Good luck.

  • You should also turn on the lights first and use tape or something to mark the beams on the wall of your garage. That way you will have a very good reference point when you put them back on. I also remember the undoing the electrical connection was 'fiddly'

  • Great posts people

  • Phi...make a pdf Instruction and upload to our files

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  • Hans Mosegaard these photos are from the online instructions from the Altrider engine guard installation that I recently put on my K1600. r_crash_barsfor_bmwk1600_gtl2013.pdf