So my car every now and again usually in low gear keeps cutting out or trying...

So my car every now and again, usually in low gear keeps cutting out or trying to stall, although usually if I give it some throttle and change gear it jolts a bit but keeps on going. However when idling it will often just cut out for no reason and I have to start the engine with a bit of throttle.

I personally think it's a fuel feed problem, maybe shit in the tank but it used to be worse when I had a ramair cone filter on it but I've since gone back to the original air box.

Any ideas? Past experiences that sound similar? Thanks in advance :)

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  • My 36 did this before I totaled it, check your rocker cover gasket, oil coils be grounding out your plugs

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  • Could be a air leak if it's cutting out when idling

  • It will be ticking over lovely then suddenly starts stuttering and cuts out, it's happened 2 or 3 times while moving but usually when parking. If it happens while moving at speed I can counteract it and keep going but with a jolt. Almost like switching into first suddenly

  • Yeah mine did the same

  • Yup mine had a air leak was doing exatly the same

  • OK thanks, I'll bear that in mind. Might be worth checking the mass air flow sensor before I start searching for leaks

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  • One of my pipes had come loose it was throwing all sorts out