So I ve woken up this morning and decided to see what hardtop s are around but...

So I've woken up this morning and decided to see what hardtop's are around, but can't make up my mind between E36, E90 or another E46. What do you like best and why? Will be staying with a 3-series, but might get a manual this time and even considering 4-doors instead of the current 2

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  • Just buy a hardtop for this

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  • Can't find one in AUS, found one in the US for like $2500AUD plus was quoted some ridiulous price to freight it here

  • Oh man I could ship a few hundreds from here lol

  • Should do it mate, import export business for bmw's and parts ;) hahaha

    Just hard to make up my mind with what I want to do exactly, love the power of the 330, but sometimes wish I had more room inside the car and the boot.

  • best of both worlds

  • Had a 318ci coupe sold it bought a 330ci vert sold it last month to buy a Z4 and ended buying a bargain 325ci coupe....

  • Oh and i had 2 manuals previous and this one is auto unless im buying my next car to track aswell pointless going back to manual imo

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  • Haven't owned a manual BMW yet and I think it's a must at some stage, the steptronic is good for blasting people lights to lights