So courtesy of Carl Bowen I ve a bonnet coming but don t think I will have the...

So courtesy of Carl Bowen I've a bonnet coming but don't think I will have the funds for m3 front wings just yet so....

Opinions please

Tastefully done stick on side vents

Yes or No ??????

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  • Personally I think M3 wings on a non M car just look overkill. Be too much vent going on once you get bonnet

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  • Well technically it is an m sport, so I'm half way there lol.

    I just like the styling of it

  • No. Why would you have a toast rack on wings, looks shit on the real thing letalone in a wannabe. If I bought an m3/5 those fuckers would get filled asap

  • We aren't all meant to like the same things but as always I can expect a direct answer from you Adam Chase lol.

    I did ask for opinions lol

  • Was an option in usa iirc to get wide wings without toast racks. Wide front wings and narrow rear would look shit too imo, but then I loves me a q car.

  • Stick on vents look shit no matter how tasteful it is.

    If you're going down the genuine root then you'll have to get a front bumper to match the wider archers then you'll have to pay to get your rear arches massively pulled as it will look retarded if they don't match.

  • Personally I'd leave it with the bonnet and mirrors from an m3. Subtle enough to look good without looking like a wannabe

  • I didn't think bout the wannabe option. I just like the styling.

    This is y I asked for opinions

  • Adam Chase I just happened to like the styling of it.

    May look at other options.

    I didn't think bout the wannabe status of it either.

  • Seen some fiberglass wings with a bearable cutout, won't rust either...

  • Gonna stay with my bonnet when that comes and also the csl spoiler for it.

  • What do u drive ??

  • 540/6

  • I think it would look smart tbh however not sure what you will do about the rear as m3 body is more flaired at rear

  • How come the bonnet didn't line up with wing above headlight?

  • U need m3 slam panel

  • That has been some of my concern and someone said about rolling the arches but after speaking to some I'm not quite sure I want to be thought of as a wannabe so I will think of another way of adding some of my personality to the car

  • You'd have to do more than roll the rear arches to match.

  • I've just been reading some info on that and yeh I agree a lot more.

    Right now whatever idea would be costly. I will sort out the stuff I can do and get them on the car and then just be patient about future possibilities if there are some and if I'm ever able

  • Could always buy an m3 rolling chassis? By the tine you bought bumpers bonnet bootlid wings you've prob spent the same as a shell with all the shit on....

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  • I'm happy with the bonnet and yet to get the spoiler but after reading people's opinions and looking into it, I'm kinda not wanting to be anything like the m3 now. I had some doubts beforehand but not until this evening have I really thought that it's not the right path for me.

    I don't want to be a wannabe so I will look into doing something for me. Go from there really. Glad I asked tbh and glad your so open minded and reserved with your opinions lol