So been having rough idle and misfires in almost all my cylinders lately

So been having rough idle and misfires in almost all my cylinders lately. Only happens AFTER cold start. Once it hits under 600 Rpms it starts idling bad. Replaced all coils and plugs and nothing. Cleaned map sensor thinking it was that and still the same. Turned the car on again and got three more codes, p3401 for injector circuit/open cylinder 1 and two I can not find c3401 and c31AA. Could anyone help? With the p3401 I'm thinking injectors now since I have index 5s came with the car. But the other two I've never seen before. Scanned with mhd.

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  • Does sounds like your injectors are done.

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  • Are index 9s really that bad?

  • Idk? Are you just constantly going into low power mode? Misfiring?

  • I have 5s I found some 9s I might get so i can atleast get to drive the car again. And I still have misfire codes on cylinders 1,2,3,4,and 6. I haven't been driving because it's been on stands for like a month I'm trying to figure out the issue and not make it worse or get stuck on the side of the road lok

  • I got u. Always better to use 12s with a good warranty... got any fuel or oil on your spark plugs? Would indicate a possible problem

  • Yeah last time one plug had fuel. If I get 12s will I be okay to drive it for atleast a week. I haven't found anyone to code it yet and I have stupid Mac -_-

  • You should definitely have them coded bro. Make a post looking for someone local to you to come by and code for you. If you can borrow someone laptop and get a kdcan cable, Js Twinturbo can remotely code them for you

  • I have a kdcan cable but I only have Mac and inpa won't run off that.

  • You could always run a parallel of windows on your mac... not sure if the USB to kdcan will work tho maybe someone else can pitch in on tbat

  • I've tried that and didn't work unfortunately if anything I'll just pay 60 at the dealer to do it fvck itttt

  • That's not bad for dealer prices anyway. Hope the injectors solve the issue. I would check out mosfets next if it doesn't fix it.

  • inpa will run off parallels

  • you gotta set it up right with the com port and drivers. I've got a mac w/ parallels and all the bmw coding crap working.

  • Check ur vanos

  • I have no codes for that though

  • Another hint if they are the injectors, you will have a smell of gas on the plug closer to the interior to the car. you will also notice it more burnt if you take the plug out.

  • Sounds like injectors. I believe injectors are covered under an extended warranty. GL!

  • Not mine -_- called BMW and it's not.

  • Aww :/. What year is your car?

  • 2009 with index 5 injectors

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  • Ahh i see...Guess injectors we're only covered on the 335is's