Rahul Chowdhury shared BMW London LT's event to the group: Modified ///BMW Owners Club.

C'mon who's up for this? We have been invited and offered a club stand by David Deividas the Boss of BMW London LT

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  • Cheers mate, yeah just read it

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  • RWYB is all weekend from fri-sun as normal for weekend shows with runs till

    8pm late & 5pm on sunday. If weathers good saturdays prob best value for money as Sunday everyone starts going home around 5pm

    Id like to go both if possible

  • Sorry Rahul Chowdhury im back from pakistan on the 15th aug. Not free until then

  • They should try to move the meet and have bbq & chill at santapod...cars,beer,women,rides

  • Can't make them dates lads sorry

  • Sorry dudes stag

  • Dammmm! Working

  • Mate I would do but I'm away camping with the family that weekend been booked for ages could of done with some fishing too :(

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  • Sorry mate I think I will be working that weekend :-(