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Tested the NineT and the new K16 2017 with my buddy Chris yesterday. The NineT was more to satisfy curiosity and while it is lively, nimble and fun bike it's not my cup of tea. The K16 impressed me with the Pro Shifter. Gear changes smooth up and down and no lag between changes, very well setup. The new dash layout is easier to read and "GT" label on the clock was a nice touch! "R" as in Reverse is mechanical which uses the starter and so battery. The motor builds revs to allow the alternator to compensate during the reverse action. Hope the starter motor has been reinforced for longevity with this additional usage. As it was a test under mostly rain or wet conditions, I did not get to put the suspension under too much stress to see what dynamic ESA does. Would I want one? YES, for nothing else but that shifter!!! (Not a retrofit option on pre 2017 models.) I tested the black. However the dealer invited me to view a customers bike in the shop. Now under florescent lighting, what BMW are calling Mars Red Metallic, appears 'burgundy' or 'bordeaux' but not red. I would like to see it in daylight or in the showroom to see if it's really 'red'. Add the emergency call option and you have a bike that really has it ALL! Now for a laugh: So we done the test, ready to set off from BMW parking, my k16 refuses to start!!! Seems she didn't take kindly to possible replacement! Well dealer had a look and the start button/switch was the problem. Swapped out in 10min and I was on my way! How lucky is that to have happened at the dealer versus 1000km away to Pyrenees!

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  • I test rode one in February Vernon Naicker I was so impressed by the pro shifter and reverse I ordered a new GTL I get it in June sadly my old trusty 2013 K16GTL has to go :-(

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  • On my side will wait a year ... or two... prefer to take one via dealer with 10k km on the clock full options. I've bought new bikes before, I find I lose too much capital to depreciation the first two years. So will let someone that can afford the 'knock' to take it 0km. If I save 10k euro it pays trip to Norway, other European countries I haven't yet visited, Scotland and Ireland! :p

  • Let someone else pay for the first farkles. Makes sense to me.

  • Absolutely agree with you both Vernon and Wes, I just like new machines. There is no way I could raise any argument against what you have said ;-) Perhaps the best deal I ever had was my LT which I bought as an ex demonstrator in the UK. At the time I got such a great deal from the BMW dealer in the UK I decided to keep the bike for over 8 years. When I moved to France I matriculated it here and on part exchange for my current K16 I got what I paid for it in 2005 (caused mostly by the drop in the value of the £). I generally keep my bikes a long time but the new K16 was so different from my 2013 temptation overrode and hence my decision to buy another new one. Incidentally the loss wasn't actually that bad but certainly not defensible :-)

  • I've done so with the k16 I have now bought at 19500€ full options and 8500km for Nov'13. Brand new that would have been 28k€ easily.

  • Maurice I think we all seccumb to the test ride at some point. If you can afford it, it's an object of passion, I guess we don't count the loss too much. :p Got to live a little as well right! ;-)

  • I was going to make the swap late in the year when the first ones come back from those who took six months to realise it's a big handful of bike, however I'm having so much fun on an old GSA, it's muddying the waters. Might even consider trading up to a new one of those instead.

  • If I could have both I would! Follow your heart/gut Wes

  • With well over 3 metres of rainfall over the past three months, this monsoon has been a good one. It also made it impossible to back the GT out of the shed, turn it round, then ride the 750m of mud to the road. At my wife's suggestion (she's awesome and no you can't have her) I brought a 2008 GSA. For something I'm trying to leave basic, I'm having so much fun on it. Compared to the GT, is like riding a tractor, but damn is it fun.

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  • Both are wonderful bikes