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I waited 4 or 5 weekends to have to a day with clear blue skies and no rain ☉. The destination, "Les Alpes Mancelles" in the Sarthe region of France, about 200km west of Paris and the same east of my native Brittany. Beautiful scenary, roads for the most part are curve and varying between hills and valleys. My friend with a new KTM 1290 for company, we started at 08h45 and finished 439km by 18h25, taking drinks/coffee and a pizzeria break. When I lived in South Africa, I took blue skies and sunshine for granted. Now I am alot more appreciative and I realise how lucky I was to have grown up in S.Africa. Back to bikes, the K16 is just a joy and yesterday's ride was no exception. The 1290 is very very quick and nimble and kept me honest all day.

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  • Great shots Vernon, is the Sartre region adjacent to the Loire? Looks very similar. I'm off out today also Moissac the the valley du lot enjoy your day ;-)

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  • Hi and thank you Maurice. I would say yes, Sarthe is indeed adjacent to the Loire. On the map, we started from Ile et Vilaine to Mayenne to Sarthe with the return also touching the Orne region. Enjoy your ride out today!

  • Great shots, beautiful scenery,and good company. Looks Ike a great rid

  • "Les Alpes Mancelles" dans la Sarthe de France, à environ 200 km à l'ouest de Paris !

  • ✌ Salut Yves! ;-)

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  • Bonjour Vermon ✌️