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Don't know if this has been done before, but thought I would share. Converted euro front turn signals to have US running lights. Picked up the set of rusted out housings years ago, finally decided to rip them apart and see what could be done. First, I drilled out the brass rivets holding the lamp holder assembly into the lens. I then discovered I had 2 styles of US housings- one had a metal lamp holder, the other was plastic. The metal was super easy to install into a US housing. A pair of shears cut it down to fit. The plastic one required some major modification to work. I had to bend the tabs backwards and cut the plastic. Thankfully the ground strap had just enough length to move forward and line up the bulb connections. Hot glue gun works wonders. Much faster and cleaner than JB weld. I finished by fitting the leftover rivet into the holders, bending the brass over to hold into place, and added a little solder to make sure there was a good ground connection, and that it would stay in place once installed. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to take before pics, but here you go:

Also, now I have a pair of US lenses and one decent but rusty Euro lamp holder, if anyone is interested.

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  • I've done a few conversions very similar to this. Easy no cost mod. Nice job.

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  • Looks good! Careful with hot glue though. I've seen it get soft and loose on a really hot day.