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S54 with approx 60,000km starting to to show slight wear on rod bearings all replaced now with Arp rod bolts and Treated bearings. :)

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  • I just went over 60k in mine..

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  • Nick Hobbs

  • Yeh wow. Defs will be something I do. Can't have those ARP bolts though which sucks cause it's older than 2003.

  • Don't arp make 11 and 10mm rod bolts

  • Yes they do

  • Problem solved Nick Hobbs.

  • Ill go one step further and solve everyones problems with the s54: et-4340-steel-stroker-kit/

    Get on it. I know whats going in my replacement car when the CSL finds a new home.....

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  • 12.5:1 and 9500 rpm here we come.