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For sale 439k negotiable!


92 Bmw touring wagon. Non- vanos. 5 speed a/t rare

Brokatrot metallic rare

Pergamont beige velour interior immaculate interior condition rare

120k mileage

Clear front signals

Clear tints

Facelifted wide front grill rare

Bilstein shocks.

Converted to spring suspension from air suspension. No headaches!

What's done-2016

Tune up

Cleaned all electrical contact wires and modules

Tightening of bolts

Transmission overhaul including valve body and solenoids

Fixed all wirings- no hidden gremlins:)

A/c service (compressor, drier, condenser, upgraded motor aux fan, new blower) and cleaning- brrr!

Sasakyan nalang:)

e21,e24,e28,e30,e31,e32,34,e36,e38, e39

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