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Fresh back from its winter protection detail✨

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  • Any other mods on the car? I have a M135i convertible which has some additional M Sport tuning bits fitted the other week. Thinking about a Birds suspension kit in the spring

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  • She's A f****** beaut

  • I've put kw's on mine

  • Rhys Burley I don't want to drop mine by much just enough to improve the handling, also considering a Quaife diff swap as apparently this makes the power plant stick especially in the twisty sections.

  • Ewan Marr looks fuckin ace eh

  • Nah I didn't do it solely for lowering mate

  • Michael Kirby

  • Where is the wing from ?

  • I really can't believe how many people jizz over the rice

  • Unbelievable ay mate

  • Sure is

  • This is

  • What wheels are those

  • I think I'm in love

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  • Where's the registration sticker from mate ?