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I'm installing a new radiator and changing out all the hoses on My son's '02.

There is a hose that goes directly under the Alternator. So I removed the Alternator for a few minutes, to replace the hose.

Inspecting the fan belt, found cracks in multiple places. God was watching out for us. If it were not for the hose, I would not have loosened the fan belt and checked it.

So the Tech Tip is to just plan on replacing the fan belt as part of the whole process of replacing all the coolant hoses. New hose clamps are a good idea as well.

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  • Amen!

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  • Replace water pump if you're doing the system. It's cheap insurance.

  • That's true as well.

  • David: Do some research on using that type of hose clamp on silocone hoses (exposed worm-gear type clamps are generally not recommended). Be safe.

  • I can remember when in the eighties the salesguys with an alternative for gear-clamps came around. They recommended their new gearless clamps. Problem was, when used correctly there was nothing wrong with gear-type clamps and you dont need to buy anything special, get a screwdriver and your good to go...if you know how they should be used of course

  • I'm confused at this point.

    Ken you give me a warning and Blanco you say they are fine. What's really the problem?

  • coins have two sides

  • There you go.

    That's probably the best explanation.


  • When the gear-type clamps fail they ussually are reused multiple times and almost always overtightened.

  • i used only new clamps as many of the stock clamps were pretty rotten. I bought enough new clamps to use on every piece of hosing.

    Are you saying that they WILL fail?

  • If you use new ones and you don't force them into the hose they will just as good as any other type of clamp.

  • I suggested you research it. To summarize my reading, silicone hoses are sometimes thicker and/or 'firmer' and may require additional tightening of the clamp to seal. Exposed gear-type clamps - when overly-tightened - can compromise the silicone hose to the point of cutting/failure.

  • Add: BMW used 'european' type clamps on the 2002 at the factory, such as Norma Torro clamps, etc. So, they're more 'correct' than the exposed gear-type clamps.

  • The only time my 2002 has let me down - in 25 years - was when the fan belt shredded....completely on me....had one in the trunk, fixed it roadside and carried on...a lesson learned.

  • Are those the IE hose sets

  • Yes they are the I.E. silicon hoses

    Let me guess. They are junk and WILL fail with worm gear hose clamps.

  • David Matthew only the blue ones :-)

  • David Matthew I hope not I'm after a set for mine!

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  • Lol

    Of course, Blanco. Of course.