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Exhaust hub check: good

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  • What are you workin on Dude?

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  • I see 6 throttle bodies. I'm guessing s50/2/4.

  • S54

    Doug, I was checking the tabs on the exhaust cam gear hub. They power the oil pump for the VANOS (variable cam timing) and they are notorious for snapping off and disappearing into the engine.

  • Gotcha

  • Actually, they're notorious for snapping off and getting caught in the timing chain, with the resultant valve/piston carnage. How many miles on this?

  • Hit 153k this weekend. All original as far as the VANOS is concerned.

  • Mine snapped one just before Thill last November, went both days anyway and dealt with it when I came back. 127k miles

  • Damn, I can't say I'm all that worried about it but I will do the Besian stuff in the near future anyways. I already have all of the OE parts, I just need to order the Besian pieces. However, I spent WAY too much money on the car last month and don't feel like spending more right now on something that isn't broken.

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  • Meh, 2 days of track time and it was still in the hole. I got the Dr. Vanos hub, though not the cryo- treated one. Already installed the Beisan solenoid and o rings a few years back.