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Thought I'd throw this out there, it's a little last minute but figured someone might be in the market.

I am doing a BC Racing Coilover BR Type group buy. I am dealer for BC racing and I am offering the following:

BR Type coilover for E30, E36, E34, E46, E39

Price will be $1375CAD, this includes taxes and shipping!

In addition to that, I also offer the following... FREE of charge

- Custom spring rates

- "Extreme low build"

I offer the coils for lots of other makes and models, but these are the models I can offer that current pricing on. PM is KEY if you are interested.

I will be taking payment immediately and order will be placed by month end. Shipping is usually around 1-2 weeks if your model is in stock.


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  • Brad J Bayer

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  • Patrick Fair

  • Git some for the vert!

  • When's the latest you'll take an order? Interested but limited funds til the end of the month

  • I'd like to get this round in ASAP. If everything goes well, maybe I'll do a second run since I have a few people who are in your shoes. Need 5+ to offer same price or else it increase to $1450CAD, still includes shipping/taxes and all the other goodies.

  • Okay, ill get back to you on that, just depends if i sell my wheels in the next 2 weeks or not, but if not would definitely be interested in a second round!

  • Send me a message and we can work something out!

  • He ordered coils a few days ago :)

  • Shaun Harry

  • Adrian. For the 540

  • Yeah that would be perfect but as I'm stay at home dad right now just don't have the spare money :(

  • I'm interested​, can you DM me some more info please

  • Kyle Sevrens

  • Do these come with the swift spring upgrade or is that extra?

  • Swift is extra, however you can up the rates with the BC springs. Which are really awesome at no extra cost

  • Message sent

  • Seems like a good deal. Too bad I just bought my set back in October! Aha

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  • Sigh i cant right now :/ just paid for the m5 bumpers