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Logical decision - trial found that AVERAGE person drives at 130-140 SAFELY in those conditions

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  • Faster speed means you get there faster, which means less fatigue in the car. Obiously, there's a limit to what an ordinary person can handle...that's why you need to get a license to drive in the Autobahn I've heard. Better driver training means safer roads...unfortunately the dumb bureaucrats in this country don't understand that or simply do not want to.

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  • I hate to say this but... So long as there is a driving culture of sitting in any lane we like at any speed we feel everybody else should adhere to - well, we are just not ready for significant speed increases. In Germany, France, UK and most developed countries there is a culture of staying in the appropriate lane and overtaking on the correct side. Undertaking being unlawful and against common acceptance. For good reason too, that's where our worse blind spot is.

  • NT, the last bastion of common sense.. bring it on

  • I think there should be a law where people aren't allowed to go below the speed limit in the overtaking lane.

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  • There already is a law that requires drivers to move to the left after completing an overtaking manoeuvre on roads with a speed limit above 80kph (3 points) but the police aren't enforcing it - they'd rather do revenue raising for the state governments by simply incorrectly policing speed limits.