Registration for Autocross 1 on 2 28 15 at Marina opens tonight at midnight — Golden Gate Chapter BMW CCA

Registration for Autocross #1 on 2/28/15 at Marina opens tonight at midnight! We're getting things going even though the details with our venue are not yet final.

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  • We've finalized for both the 2/21 CCC and 2/28 Autocross, so they are officially happening as are all other dates we have thru the end of June.

  • Cars
  • Olivia coming out of the trailer for maintenance next week. Let the season begin!

  • (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

Can u change clocks on a e46 without changing ecu ect — Bmw 3 Forum

Can u change clocks on a e46 without changing ecu ect

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  • Ok wot do u mean by tamperd dort

  • its a dot that shows up after the mileage,the old cluster will show the mileage from the old car/vin number,only if the mileage on the old car is higher,i think you can get it reprogrammed though.

  • Ok thanks pal its jst sum1 pulled eml light n abs out n wantd em to be on

I just want to share data about switching to EV A rate in California I knew by... — BMW i3

I just want to share data about switching to EV-A rate in California. I knew by using PG&E simulator that it will be cost neutral (free) to add my i3 with 60 miles commute daily if I switch from E6 to EV-A. Now that I have no tier price (unlimited usage with same price per KW), I run pool and big appliances at night. I did not know that it will be so good! The result speak by itself $57 less in Dec, $88 less in January and no gas bill. My electric range is consistently around 76 Miles (+ or - 5 miles) all in comfort mode in the last 2 months, I am not using the leaf mode or turtle mode.

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  • I drive an i3 without Rex. The issue of Empire Further, it should be clarified but in all honesty. In winter, 100 km are possible but not on the highway. This year we have a fairly harsh winter. Today I am, however, came only 90 Km far, and at about 0 ° C.

    I would not buy the car again. BMW promises that absolutely utopian farther rich are never ever be reached. I Will try the car as fast as possible to get rid of.

    I feel lied to by BMW.

  • Christian, Way to go!!!! One of the great financial benefits of the BMW i3 or any EV is getting on the EV rate. As you pointed out you can run your big appliances super off peak and save $1000 a year just in that alone. We run our 450 sq.ft. wine cellar equipment from midnight to 6am during the three or four summer months and also save big. I'm looking forward to the day when our freezer and refrigerator will be smart enough to also be run primarily at night.

    BRAVO and well done!

Photos from Darren Devine's post — NI-BMW

1997 bmw m3 evo

Estorial blue

130k miles

Full service history

Only afer getting vanos unit reconditioned

Cream leather vadar interior

Lowered on springs

Cars starts and drives spot on, no ticking or knocking from engine at all.

Sunroof working with no leaks.

Car is also hpi clear.

The car does have a small bubble on the rear right quarter, about the size of a 5 pence, hasnt broken through the paint yet.

Also needs a patch in exhaust sorted, 2 front kidney grills, bonnet pull cable and drivers side window motor (last 3 items can be got for £40)

Cars is cheap at £3700no timewasters atall,

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  • Phil Mccullough

  • Aidy Kelly

  • Straight swap for the sierra lol

I sold my f800gs I am going to sea for 5 months and then I will buy or new... — BMW F800GS

I sold my f800gs, I am going to sea for 5 months and then I will buy or new 800gsa or second hand (new model) 1200, any suggestions?

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  • Thanks. ..

  • I will say that the KTM 1190 is a nice combination of the two. I rode one all over the Sinai desert last September and loved it.

  • Get a F800GS ADV.

Anyone selling a used e46 m3 supercharger kit — BMW M3 forum

Anyone selling a used e46 m3 supercharger kit?

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  • It's not on sale anymore, the kit went back to regular price it's $5995 now

  • You could get the kit for $5895 installed back in December

  • Negative. Bought one friday

Franki3 is feeling optimistic this morning She cheering for the Seahawks that... — BMW i3

Franki3 is feeling optimistic this morning! She' cheering for the Seahawks, that must be why. :)

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  • This page is going to blow up tonight once the i3 ad is aired!

  • I thought it was because she wanted some pancakes!

  • Nom nom nom ... pancakes! It's a nice aroma for the commute tomorrow. :)

My 30 s birthday present — BMW F800GS

My 30's birthday present..

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  • Happy birthday, I dont know you, but i really liked your helmet and i have the same motorcycle, could you tell me what brand and type of your helmet?

  • Arai Tour-X3..

  • Tank you.

Not the i3 but does anyone know about the status of the X5 eDrive Hybrid — BMW i3

Not the i3, but does anyone know about the status of the X5 eDrive Hybrid?

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  • Also, this car will easily be 80k with common options....and a 2.0L I-4 is already pushing the limits of what an SAV customer could conceive of owning.

  • William Tzouris The longer EV range cars will be found in the i series cars. They are clean sheet designs.

  • And when you give people a choice of battery size, it is not because you squeeze in more battery. You have to design and build the car for the largest size you can put.

    The Tesla 60kWh model S is a false choice. The car is essentially a 85kWh frame where they didn't insert a few battery cells, it is not a 60kWh car where they rigged some extra packs in some nook and hope the frame can hold it (which is also why the 60kWh is not that cheaper when you take into account the bundled options in the 85kWh)

    It is totally different than offering various colors, electronics gadget or finishing materials.

I would like to know if some i3 drivers already had a strange feeling when... — BMW i3

I would like to know if some i3 drivers already had a strange feeling when drove i3, headache or difficulty to find words after some minutes. I really would like to buy this fantastic car but after a trial i'm afraid to be an electrosensible people !

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  • More apt to be ill from off-gassing of fumes from new car smell. I am pretty sensitive to that stuff and had to leave the windows open for the first few weeks. The i3 had the least new car smell of all the cars I've owned however. Also in comfort mode a bit of motion sickness for some as the car is quicker than most are used to.

  • Yes I have felt strange feelings since the first time I drove my car. It's hard to explain the the sensation but I'll try my best to put it into words. SMUGNESS.

  • Mary seems to have it right. I experienced the same thing. I LOVE the i3 new car smell, but the first few days in the car gave me a little headache. I'm over it now. Incidentally, nothing beats the smell in the M6 Gran Coupe they have on the showroom. Their olfactory engineers somehow made the leather smell sweet like candy!

My ride. D — Bmw 3 Forum

My ride :-D

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  • Was they a direct fit? What size tyres u got on mate?

  • where is the car ? i only see rims :D

  • I c a car no problem with some big ass rims on

Would I be thinking right if I remove the top hose on me rad on e36 328 when... — Bmw 3 Forum

Would I be thinking right if I remove the top hose on me rad on e36 328 when engine is running water should flow out and if not water pump failed ?

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  • Done all that bud new thermo I even used a hose pipe to put through the system

  • Sounds like you're putting a new water pump in brah glhf :) I'm actually in the middle of doing mine as well

  • I got a garage by me doing it for 30 buff so I thought I'll put my spanners away for that price

Are there any M3 groups in central Florida I would like to be involved with... — BMW M3 forum

Are there any M3 groups in central Florida? I would like to be involved with some meets or shows.

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  • central florida bmw owners

  • Thanks for the info. I will get involved with them. I'll miss the February event unfortunately, but I'll be at the next one.

  • i live in dallas tx lol

Has anyone used the terraclean service im doing a full service and swirl flap... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Has anyone used the terraclean service im doing a full service and swirl flap delete just wondering if its any good and worth having done, do u notice the difference ??

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  • The intake service is quite amazing for cleaning from the egr right through to the dpf, we get a lot of problems with dpfs town driving and 9 time out of 10 the intake service cures the problem

  • Had mine done last week instantly better on fuel and the only way i can describe the difference in driving is its like i was driving With flat tyres and they have been pumped up not a big difference but noticeable if that makes sense

  • I've known plenty have it done especially good on diesels

Photos from Andrew Ewing's post — NI-BMW

For Sale:

1989 silver/grey 535ise:

Reluctantly up for sale. A nice original example in overall good condition. Great driving car, smooth and powerful. Only rust on the car is under the rear spoiler on the bootlid. Bonnet does have stone chips and there's a few scrapes and the odd small dent around the car, but remember it is a 27 year old car.

75k miles approximately with history. 5 speed manual with factory fitted limited slip differential. Set of 5 original 15inch bbs alloys with all good tyres. Mot'd until september 2015. Grey cloth interior in good condition apart from slight wear to base of drivers seat. All electrics working windows, sunroof and mirrors etc.

New parts fitted in last 6 months include, new air intake boots, crankcase vent pipe, distributor cap, rotor arm, ignition leads, spark plugs, air flow meter, water pump, thermostat, battery, oil filter, air filter, oil, coolant and auxiliary and drive belts with new tensioners.

The car still needs a few things done: front end needs track rods, droplinks and steering idler arm. Rear needs, subframe bushes, pitman arms and droplinks. All parts are here for the car apart from subframe bushes. All suspension parts are lemforder and a couple of meyle hd bits all new and boxed. The car is also going need the clutch and flywheel done as they are noisey, new Luk parts for the job here.

Considered by many to be the best car bmw built and an appreciating classic. A little tlc and some leather will make this a great car.

£1500 without parts

£1800 with parts

No timewasters or drifters, car goes to a good home or not at all.

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  • Anton Crossett get that bought!!

  • Robert Murphy this is the kind of thing I'm talking about

  • Aaron Smyth

Best place for insurance on my 1997 328 vert ppl — Modified BMW Owners Forum

Best place for insurance on my 1997 328 vert ppl

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  • If you're under 25 go admiral but be careful as they don't like certain mods

  • 34 bud I'm gonna declare all mods even the ones I havnt done yet

  • aviva is better than admiral :) was with admiral for 3 years an the renewal was redic!

Hi all — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Hi all.

After some advice. I own a 2004 525d. It's been remapped by previous owner.

When I first start it up it smokes like mad and smells of diesel. Does it for about 10 seconds then it fine.

Is there anything I can do to stop this or is it normal.

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  • This can cause a lot of smoke on start up

  • my 520d smokesa little when starting or left to tick over, give it theshoe and its sound. no dpf,was gutted

  • The egr has been blanked they deleted it when the remap was done

Guys what s with these swirl flaps I keep seeing posted confused — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Guys what's with these swirl flaps I keep seeing posted confused

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  • I think it has happened with the older ones where they have fallen apart and bits have been dragged into the engine but it's not so much of an issue with the newer designed ones. Having said that I had mine removed just in case.

  • Yea that's the thing that worries me just incase lol

  • they adjust manifold pressure on mostly idle so u wont feel a thing if u take them out , people do it for piece of mind as the early 03-05 did suffer from this , bmw did modify later models but better to be safe than sorry!

Anyone know what happened here — Modified BMW Owners Forum

Anyone know what happened here?!

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  • Possibly just someone who hasn't got a clue

  • Or maybe he debadged it and his mates had a fucking great idea, that makes him look more of a cunt then the M badge guys, if thats the case its brilliant! Ha!

  • He prob wanted a 320ci but lacked the balls /skill to remove the whole badge and move it to the left

Where she was born — BMW M Z3 Coupe Enthusiasts

Where she was born.

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  • These evil people are covering the rear shock mounts, they must be stopped

  • Maximus, there's a permanent fix for that, you know...

    ... one's shipping out today, in fact!

  • Randy Forbes, after my pride and joy having to sit for a couple of months we are now in the process of the teardown. Your in our conversation and will be hearing from me very soon.

Got to love the little details that this car has heated windshield for the... — BMW E38 forum

Got to love the little details that this car has, heated windshield for the wipers so they don't stick or freeze up when driving. Makes driving the 7 great

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  • But if i change my ori window did i lost this function?

  • You should not no, after market Windows should have this too

  • My front window will be replaced next week. And the new one have tgmhe heaters too. Thats the reason why its so damn expencive.

Thanks for the ad — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Thanks for the ad

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  • is that a 535d? can get crazy power out of them if mapped cottectly

  • Mine's a 525D

  • Props on the switch! Scoobie is still on the secret list! Gheheh have fun with the ride! Cant go wrong with a E60

Here is my new drift video on snow with the i3 Another video to show the very... — BMW i3

Here is my new drift video on snow with the i3. Another video to show the very good snow skills of the car (onroad) is coming soon :)

If you watch the video you will see that is not that difficult to drift the car with control. This time it was my second attempt drifting the i3 and it worked quite fine.

I haven't cut the two misktakes to show that it needs much practice if you want to do this onroad.

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  • Mangels Schnee und geeignetem Gelände kann ich nicht wirklich mitreden.

  • Mein Beileid, vorallem wegen dem Schnee ;)

  • For the English talking users: This was a little discussions of difflocks. Nothing special ;)

Just changed the pvc valve from RB about the start the valve cover but it got... — BMW 335i

Just changed the pvc valve from RB about the start the valve cover but it got late so as I shut the hood I find this! MFer who's got a good deal on oem hood emblem?

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  • k'

  • I did as Ernan Avila did with black vinyls from one of the aftermarket vendors. Front & rear emblems, steering wheel, summer wheels.

  • Yup it was a easy fix, and I like it better that way John

In other news I had my plates stolen at the gym. Can anyone recommend screws — BMW 335i

In other news I had my plates stolen at the gym. Can anyone recommend screws? They stole those too

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  • and yeah what ryan said. you need to report them and get new plates.

  • Did u have a cool plate? Like k den or something?

  • When I reported them the officer took the other plate I still had. So that's not an issue. Also if the plate was ran it would come back to my car so not sure how he would suspect me to have stolen my own plates. I also have an incident report as well. Nick Dascalopoulos no, they were generic.

Photos from Başak Baz Bayar's post — BMW Drivers Forum NSW

Hi guys I have 2007 320i msport pack, and just while I was driving 10mins ago I got this eror on the screen what is this mean anybody knows anything ? cheers

suddenly pops up the screen while im turning the corner and the car drives weird too now

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  • That will be much appreciated if anyone can recommend 1

  • Yeah I got few numbers I will give call and look tomorrow. Thx to everybody for help

  • Redhead Automotive specialises in BMW. They are very competent and friendly chaps.

Been playing with the M Laptimer app and consistently getting 0 60 MPH times of... — BMW i3

Been playing with the M Laptimer app and consistently getting 0-60 MPH times of 6.5 seconds. Much faster than the published time. Anyone else getting similar time? (btw, the red tick marks in the image are a time scale with 1 sec intervals)

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  • How do you get this app to work? Do you need a connector to the i3 onboard computer?

  • I didn't use any launch control techniques.... just floored it from a stop.

  • You download the app from the App Store. You'll also need the BMW Connected app. The Connected app lets you run apps on your phone and control them thru the iDrive.

    Once installed, plug in you phone to the USB port in the canter console and launch the Connected app. In the iDrive Menu, open ConnectedDrive, then BMW Apps. You should see the M Laptimer listed there.

Longtime Bimmer enthusiast here My perfect drive experience is at the helm of... — BMW M3 forum

Longtime Bimmer enthusiast here! My perfect drive experience is at the helm of my street legal track M3. OBD1 S52 powered beast!

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  • I don't. I need a few of them right now actually

  • I hope you dont go shopping at Walgreen with your car, unless there is a Walgreen at your local track. People dont like wings here.

  • Lololol ^