Put dat ginger to work. Ashley Shea — BMW 335i

Put dat ginger to work! Ashley Shea

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  • I want one of those dryer things at my wash! Never seen one lol

  • Cars
  • Gingers are everywhere

Do any of the 1 series guys in here have a set of Apex wheels they re trying to... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

Do any of the 1 series guys in here have a set of Apex wheels they're trying to sell? 18x8.5 ET45 and 18x9.5 ET62 please, thanks!

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  • yeah the guy who did my wheel said the apex paint was shit and came over super easy so the powder coat should hold up even better over time

  • thanks arian. sold tho

  • Congrats


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  • U buy it sham

  • Sure der was a man standin in ur yard not 2 weeks ago biddin u silly money and u refused it?? Am i ryt or wrong Paddy Francis Darren

  • It only silly money to u sham not to me I have that in that we car all day long so it hardly silly money I'm not going to sell the car just cause a boy Thot he wanted it

Any reputable shops around the Langley or White Rock area Looking to get some... — BC BMW

Any reputable shops around the Langley or White Rock area. Looking to get some work done on my E21.

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  • Well ya know...

  • Drive to Richmond and take your car to Cg motorsports for a job done right.

  • Actually Mitchell, I see all. All I have to do is follow the butt hurts.

สอบถามspec น้ำมัน เฟืองท้าย พาวเวอร์ หน่อยครับ รถ e60 525i m54... — BMW E60 SOCIETY

สอบถามspec น้ำมัน เฟืองท้าย+พาวเวอร์ หน่อยครับ รถ e60 525i m54 ที่กระปุกน้ำมันพาวเวอร์ผมเขียน ATF only ผมสามารถเติม atf dexton vi ได้เลยมั้ยครับ ส่วน น้ำมันเฟืองท้าย ไม่ทราบใช้ spec ไหนดีครับ


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  • Power ใช้ atf dex VI ได้ครับ

    เฟืองท้ายถ้าไม่หอน 75w-90 ถ้าหอน xxw-140

    T3Autoservice ยินดีให้บริการครับ

    สนใจนำรถเข้ารับบริการติดต ่อได้ตามนี้

    Tel.095-896-6463 ตาล

    Tel.081-946-3442 ตุ่ย


    Line:@ t3autoservice หรือ http://line.me/ti/p/%40xvy4514e

    T3 AutoService อยู่ระหว่างบางนา ซอย 16 และ 18

    เปิดบริการ พุธ-จันทร์ เวลา 9:00-18:00

    ยินดีรับบัตรเครดิตทุกธนาคา ร

  • ขอบคุณครับ

  • เฟืองท้ายเปลื่ยนแพงไหมควรเปลื่ยนเมื่อไหร่

I received a lot of messages about the used manifold I had for sale today — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

I received a lot of messages about the used manifold I had for sale today.

So my question is would guys be interested in a manifold, downpipe, engine mount combo? Or mount, manifold, turbo combo?... or any of those combinations?

Let me know. I'd sell a small DIY hot kit if there's interest.

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— BMW Forum

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  • Thought so

  • Ya handbrake cable a bit slack ya bugger handbrake near vertical

  • Snap

Hi e46 gurus Would any be able to refer someone on where i could possibly get... — BMW E46 Forum of the Philippines

Hi e46 gurus. Would any be able to refer someone on where i could possibly get a transmission for my Pre-facelifted e46. 2000 model. Having a hard time shifting when its a cold engine seems havig a gard time shifting gears 3rd gear mostly i think. Had it checked on a mechanic charging me 80k for tranny overhaul for parts and labor. Would like to know my options if had it overhauled, replaced, and where i could get parts. Or any other e46 members experienced the same thing. Thanks e46 club.

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  • Thanks for the advise sir. Layo ksi ako sir. As much as i want to ipacheck asap. The shops i think that eas mentioned was manila based lahat. Far south ako boss. San Pablo,Laguna.

  • Pm Britz Nickson Nedruda he does home service

  • May lisensya pa yun sir dba?? Hahahaah

Hi Guys may alam ba kayo naghohome service ng audio system sa car May grounded... — BMW E46 Forum of the Philippines

Hi Guys may alam ba kayo naghohome service ng audio system sa car? May grounded sound kasi when i turn on my 1 din pioneer HU, gusto ko sana maayos temporarily kasi nagorder na din ako ng eonon 2 din kaso after 1 month pa dating

TIA mga bro

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  • ah oks madali lang yan, kung malapit ka lang eh nacheck na natin yan

  • Hehe nasa OC ako sa sat baka pupunta ka dun,

    Pwede din kita sadyain bro hahaha

  • hahahah mga next week pko pre daddy duty muna

Any bike enthusiasts in this group. May trade my bike for a nice bm — HOUSTON BMW SALES

Any bike enthusiasts in this group? May trade my bike for a nice bm?

2010 RC8 1190 5k miles

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  • Damn thatthing is nice

  • My favorite bike of all time. Price?

  • Price in cash plead make an offer I'm open to anything reasonable.

    Trade offers I'd like around 10500 range..

Richard Henderson updated the description of the group BC BMW. — BC BMW

The Facebook home of the BC BMW enthusiast club.

Very Simple Rules:

1. No Commercial posting.

2. ALL For sale posts Must have a Price and Picture of Actual Item. Please do not repost your ads, bump them up (please allow a reasonable amount of time before bumping - moderators will delete the ads of egregious abusers). Also list ALL of your items in a single ad, not multiple ones.

3. No Feelers of ANY type.

4. If you think someone's price is out of whack, feel free to message them privately, professionally, and *politely*. Any bullshit in posts will result in your removal from the group. Zero warnings.

Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted without warning. Offenders will be removed from the group... especially if we're feeling extra salty.

New Members: To help stop spammers, empty and 100% private profiles may not be approved.


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    Hi need some help — Bmw 3 Forum

    Hi need some help

    Bought a bmw 320d e90 a few days ago all been going well until I span it out earlier on the beach and it stalled not it won't start on the button but goes with a bump any ideas

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    • Starter or alternator mate. Might just be the connections if either have been replaced

    • I hope so and it's nothing serious

    Everytime I ve stopped by Roxbury BMW Blocked Why did they put it in if they... — BMW i3

    Everytime I`ve stopped by Roxbury BMW. Blocked! Why did they put it in if they didn`t want anyone to use it? Did they have to?

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    • Once, I asked them and they said they would move a car. Fifteen mins later nothing, so I left. Always blocked when they are not open also.

    • Good idea. It`s also by the exit of the service area. To get to it, you have to either go through service or go the wrong way on their one-way lane out of service.

    • I second this. There was a woman that was depending on a DCFC to be available in the Nissan Leaf forum last year and the dealership mid point between her and the hospital she was having to make frequent trips to consistently had it ICEd. Since it's a DCFC she was trying to use it's not like she could get an extension cable for it.

      A bunch of us posted 1 star reviews on the dealership's review sites .... The dealership took it VERY seriously and, to my knowledge, the spot remains open for all but people actively charging.

    — BMW E39 FORUM UK Buy Sell

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    • Northwich Cheshire mate where u..??

    • Durham/weardale. not too far I guess. is there MOT on the car?

    • Joe Robson no mate

    What is this I just lifted my car to change the oil was doing an under... — BMW 335i

    What is this???? I just lifted my car to change the oil was doing an under carriage inspection and saw this dangling from the drivers side wheel...

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    • Haven't done a brake job on this thing yet so I was a little sketched out thanks again!

    • No problem

    • Tampon

    Aracı park edıyorum Inıyorum ve kıtlıyorum parkların 1 dakıka acık kalması... — Bmw Forum Turkey

    Aracı park edıyorum. Inıyorum ve kıtlıyorum parkların 1 dakıka acık kalması lazım ama kalmıyor. Selektor kacıp uzunları acıyorum gene kalmıyor?

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    • Aktif zaten ama selektor falan bısıler yapıyosuk

    • E46 da sadece inmeden sellektör yapınca oluyordu

    • Selektor yapıp da uğraşacağın leaving home dan ne anlarım ben audi ve mercedeste var bu özellik bmw de yok çok saçma

    Added 10mm spacer up front and 5mm to the rear 275 35 19 mpss in front and 305... — BMW F80 F82 F83 M3 M4 Discussion Marketplace

    Added 10mm spacer up front and 5mm to the rear. 275/35/19 mpss in front and 305/35/19 nt05 drag radial in rear. Lowered on swift springs. No rubbing at all so far. Probably could go 12mm up front since it isn't totally flush.

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    • Read post?

    • I'm sure that has effect on the track. I was thinking more in terms of feel with the softer sidewalls. The last dr car I drove had very tall sidewalls and had a tendency to oversteer without trying hard at all.

    • That fitment is on point

    looks so freakin cool — BMW 1 SERIES FORUM

    looks so freakin cool

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    • Good plan I run a photography page called rymer automotive I can do the shoot for you guys no problem

    • I too also run a photography page...

    • Joint photoshoot

    Hi all I now have these in stock Please contact me at the store on 0732522892... — BMW Forum Queensland

    Hi all . I now have these in stock . Please contact me at the store on 0732522892 Cheers Jason













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    • Kind of reminds me of the old ku36's

    Hey gents been reading and hearing Abit but left undecided When fitting... — BMW 135 235 335 435 UK

    Hey gents, been reading and hearing Abit but left undecided. When fitting downpipes to a n54, are cat foolers required? Heard it throws codes reason for bms making the cat fool wires, I'll be running MHD soon so wanted to know for future. Are there any issues one could run into while fitting catless downpipes? before, during, after, etc?!

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    • Can make you wastegate rattle noisier, potential to fail MOT's. Absolute nightmare to fit. Just not much room to get them out and access to the clamps is limited.

      MHD should remove error codes on the dash.

    • We don't have MOT in our country bud. Appreciate your response. I'll be having them fitted at a local exhaust specialist. Glad to hear MHD removes the codes. Any other assistance would be appreciated aswell

    • You can use the O2 simulator to remove the error code, which will appear when you fit most decat downpipes. However, by using JB4, COBB accessport and the likes will remove the code.

      Here's some more details on the decat downpipe (VRSF):

      https://www.mlperformance.co.uk/collections/vrsf/p roducts/vrsf-3-cast-stainless-steel-catless-downpi pes-v2-n54-07-10-bmw-335i-08-10-bmw-135i?variant=2 1578864455

    I am down to single digits on flags left If youd like one get it now This... — BMW M3 forum

    I am down to single digits on flags left. If youd like one get it now. This will be your last opportunity. $38.50 shipped anywhere in the states only. Message me for oayment details.

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    • Pm sent

    • The top left one is the one you drive all the time!

    • Replied Fernando Lima

    2014 6 875 miles 18 641. WOW — BMW i3

    2014 6,875 miles, $18,641. WOW!

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    • I don't understand it, the guy at my dealership said it would drive itself!

    • Nope. Mine had the 20"s.

    • Or the FCW sees something that is not there and slams on the brakes...

    After some advice please — BMW Diesel Tuning and Classifieds - 320d, 330d, 335d and all the rest

    After some advice please ...

    Looking at a FMIC for my 330cd E46 .. Do i need to move the fans, or will the intercooler fit in front?

    Any photos/advice wouls be greatly appreciated. Inbox message me with any info ...

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    • Need a race see how they match up

    • Nope I just pulled fuse for ac compressor so can't come on

    • Nice looking car

    — BMW 335i

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    • technically you are pushing more than stock and of course a stock setup will outlast a tuned setup 100%. But what do you ultimately want out of the car is the question & how long are you keeping it to be your problem !

    • Nice seeing you here gentlemen

    • Do I have to upgrade the intercooler if I want to install jb4?

    Hi what dump valves does everyone run I ve see a forge kit which looks like you... — BMW 135 235 335 435 UK

    Hi what dump valves does everyone run I've see a forge kit which looks like you use the existing charge pipe and I've also seen the same dump valves with a new charge pipe?


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    • Pmed you mate.

    • If you want loads of noise then just take out the factory recirc valves and plug both sides. Then you'll get loads of turbo flutter as it will be passing back through the turbos, done it on the Saab for pure amusement and it sounds pretty good (I'm scrapping the car in a month so doesn't matter if it breaks) I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you're going to be upgrading the turbos as some people claim it kills turbos and these ones are pretty sensitive. A friend has had no BOV on a 600bhp skyline for 3 years and had no issues though so apples v oranges.

    • Just to add, if you want the flexibility of sound, you can opt for the Turbosmart Kompact Dual Port BOV system. This kit comes with two caps, where you can take it off so it give you the full sound and the performance, or run it on 50/50, or you can put both caps on which will make it a full recirculating valve like the plumb back. There's a 50/50 sound clip on the Dual Port BOV product page, where you can have a listen to what it sounds like. When both caps are off, I believe it sounds more like a HKS BOV. Any, this kit will give you the flexibility of changing the sound with three settings for different purposes.

      More details can be found here:

      https://www.mlperformance.co.uk/collections/turbos mart

    Sebastian Siciarz shared Obsessions Motorcycle & Car Detailing's album to the group: BMW Z3 Roadster & BMW Z3 Coupe Owners Club UK. — BMW Z3 Roadster BMW Z3 Coupe Owners Forum UK

    Hi all. Here's my little zed after receiving some tlc.

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    • has this car been recently painted ? as the comment was that the paint was soft.. just curious as to what sort of money was paid to paint the car as mine is in need of some work...

    • Only the front bumper was re painted by the previous owner. And it is a very poor diy job as well. The rest is original.

    • Top quality finish mate, many hours gone into that

    Hva i helvette er dette slags lyd Omtrent rundt 3k rpm i fri skjer av og til... — BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 Norge

    Hva i helvette!! er dette slags lyd? Omtrent rundt 3k rpm i fri, skjer av og til i andregiret.

    Skulle lage ny video med turtallet, men da var lyden borte..

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    • Er ikke plastikk dekselet oppå motoren din som er løst?

    • Skal sjekke :)

    • Er nok et deksel ja... Som lager lyd på en viss vibrasjon.