Is there a US version of the owners manual available yet. In PDF — BMW i3

Is there a US version of the owners manual available yet? In PDF?

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  • Have you seen "BMW i3 Owner_s handbook.pdf" in the files section?

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  • But it's the UK version so anything about the REx will be different. I don't expect to see a US version until they can release the REx for sale in the US.

Manny is there anything new to report with May BMWFS finance offers I noticed... — BMW i3

Manny is there anything new to report with May BMWFS finance offers? I noticed that the BMW website shows some finance offers at 3.19 that used to be 2.99.

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  • Nothing new as far as I know. Rate is 2.99 last time I checked but I'm not in the office today. I'll post tomorrow if there has been a change in rates.

  • Scott check my latest post.

What cold air intake would you guys go with I know I m not really going to... — BMW 335i

What cold air intake would you guys go with? I know I'm not really going to gain any HP but I like the sound.

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  • sif Eric Hemphill looks sounds n performs one of the best. also has mount that connects to front grille for air flow!

  • Sorry I know it's hard to admit you've over paid for something but you have. They perform the same and sound the same on the road the only difference is 350$

  • Victor Nguyen for $500 that cold air intake better be giving me 30 to 40 more hp lol

Advertising for a friend — BMW E30 owners forum uk

Advertising for a friend

Blue BMW E30 4 door

2.8 M52 Engine conversion

Beautiful classic e30 bmw 2.8 litre straight 6, 24 valve. Engine is a m52 2.8i 24v. It was a daily driver but a new job with company vehicle means it must go. Log book still shows 323. It is a classic bmw that will rise in value, selling for a bargain £1700 ono Van/trailer advised for collection as car currently has no tax or MOT.

Black leather interior

xenons 8000k


Rear blind

New water pump m52 (metal one)

New h&r spring 40 mm drop

New e30 325i clutch

New flywheel e30 (solid m20 flywheel)

New starter motor e30

New propshaft carrier & centre bearing

New m52 spiggot bearing

e36 propshaft

e36 steering rack

New e34 accelerator

New electric fan 16"

Diff lsd 3:07

New sump gasket

Clio servo from 51 plate

e28 engine mount

Goodridge braided hose (brake lines)

Big brake conversion 312 diameter

e34 break caliper 540i (the v8 one )

New sender unit

m3 scorpion exhaust

m50 inlet manifold and bbtb

4 new tyres

17" black Motorsport alloys comes with 5 wheels in total one spare matching

The car has been undersealed

Sport map light mirror

Mtech 2 rear spoiler

Advertised elswhere. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking

Sold As Seen

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  • Open to offers I see, I gottacome a long way, in devon. How long the mot and tax been out?? Has it been stood up long? Any problems, damage, is the interior worn or good? Power steering? Elec windows / roof??

  • Why u not putting through mot??

  • I can put it through a mot mate jus havnt as its currently sorn and parked in garage but if i have a buyer ready to buy i can get the mot done

    Not sure on how long the mot and tax has been out il ask my friend and get back to you

    Its been started and driven around every 2 weeks around on private land

    No damage or problems as mostly new parts were fitted when the conversion was done.

    Plus shell was resprayed by previous owner before my mate brought it and he got it as a bare shell with v5

    It has se leather interior looks ok for its age no rips

    Read the description fully buddy it has a E36 rack on it

    Has electric widows front and rear

    Has sunroof too

William Hackett shared a link to the group: BMW Club Queensland. — BMW Forum Queensland

Big Changes for the BMW Club website! Please make sure you go and have a look at the preview site, it's available at the link below! I'd like all members to try and login, you will need to reset your password!

Check out the new Classifieds, Members-only Area and Events Calendar - you can now RSVP for events via the website!

If you encounter any difficulties, please fill out this form: Zwwe0yJj5fzfhj49nCMYR0ffFk/viewform?usp=send_form

Please note, at this time we're trying to get the membership systems up and running. We'll take feedback for the website design and content at a later date.

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  • wow, i thought the clubsport section was gone, turns out just nested :/.. going to do drop down menus?

    also, the about page bumps the login section down.

    also, the footer doesn't sit at the bottom of the page, just noticed that one

  • Thanks for the suggestions. At the moment we're just trying to get members features, event management and site services operating first. I'll be making it easier to use later this month.

Photos from John Woolsey's post — NI-BMW


129k, service history + all mots to verify miles, 20" wheels wider rear, arch extensions , front & rear parking sensors, privacy glass, twin pipes, kenwood sat nav / tv , black electric memory leather, has the upgraded 6 Spd sport auto box which have no issues, Mot'd 31st Jan 15, Tax just out (£260 6months), hpi clear, never damaged or repaired, must be seen and driven, no faults, excellent condition inside and out.

Strictly No more timewasters, No Part Exs

PM if you are genuinely interested for a contact number

£6995 No offers, Cheapest 06 limited edition in the country

Located in Derry

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  • ^^^^

I don t know much about solar panels and had a quick question IF you look at... — BMW i3

I don't know much about solar panels and had a quick question. IF you look at the pic below, are these the number of solar panels (18) required to charge the i3/i8? I am trying to figure out how many panels are required to charge the i3 in a reasonable amount of time (3-4 hours).

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  • Cannot see pic.

  • You can only charge during the day and the solar time averages between 3 and 6 hours per day. I'm in Vegas which has 6 hours per day. If you install solar panels on a grid tie system you 'store' power in the grid and use it when you need it. To be truly solar you can get a battery system which will be charged with the solar panels then depleted with the car charging, however batteries are pricey. And they only last about 3 to 5 years. Many electric providers have time of day rates - 50 cents per KWH during peak times and 5 cents the rest of the time. The peak times are also the most productive for generating power so that can be a value added part of the equation. Ideally I would be able to charge the car with 400 VDC (straight from the panels with no inverter) but that doesn't seem to be a solution so the DC is converted to AC then the car converts it back to DC - all for a efficiency loss of about 10% or more.

  • For those of you who could not see the pic, I uploaded it directly to this group and also below. :)

A home and two cars powered by sunshine. It will never work — BMW i3

A home and two cars powered by sunshine? "It will never work" ;)

Looking forward to getting our BMW i3's and beginning our year long net zero quest to drive and live on sunshine. The i3's will save us around 130kwh per month for the same miles traveled compared to our current cars the BMW ActiveE and the Honda Fit EV.

Honey, we need to do something about our utility bills!

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  • grid connected and proud of it, I strongly believe in efficient sharing systems. There is no connection fee per month however there is a minimum monthly bill of just under $5.00 assuming a perfect balance of use and generation. This can be erased by over generation or by generating more energy during the peak hours of the day and using energy during the off peak hours of the night. This is called Time of use or TOU metering.

  • So similar to our area. Our monthly charges dropped by 75% a month or so ago to around $5/month, as well. No explanation of the change, but happy to see it.

  • Ya, I'm digging those negative electric bills myself!

The first 2 5 months of our 18 month trip so far starting on a 4 week... — BMW GS EUROPE

The first 2.5 months of our 18 month trip so far - starting on a 4 week container ship crossing over the Atlantic - touring the Americas 'bottom up' - Argentina to Alaska

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  • Let us know if plan to come near Chicago. We live just two hours south.

  • So is it just Jason that keeps falling off his bike then lol xx

  • looks like fun enjoy the ride and send more pics

Alex Noll shared his event to the group: BMW 335i. — BMW 335i

ABR will be doing free european vehicle inspections! (top off fluids, check air pressure and look for issues)

VIC auto next door will be doing free domestic vehicle inspections! (same idea)

Coffee, Donuts, Music, Give aways and some cool cars will be here (ferrarri/lambo/etc)

Come do the mini C&C since they wont be having a meet this month! 6-10AM!

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    Photos from Tyrone Hasson's post — NI-BMW


    Only selling as I'm after an m3


    December 2007


    3 door coupe

    320d msport 177bhp never remapped or lowered sitting nice on msport suspension

    109,000miles with full stamped BMW history

    Tinted windows bar front window.

    New 19' CSL alloys wider rears.

    Carbon fibre front kidney grills.

    White angle lights

    Xenon head light with washers on bumper

    Multifunction steering wheel

    Cruise control

    Parking sensors (and the work)

    Electric seat with lumber support

    Car is washed twice a week and polished and wax every two weeks, body work is unbelievable!

    New Genuine BMW fan belt fitted a couple of weeks ago

    Along with a full service oil and filters

    I only drive the car at the weekend as I've a bora for going back and forward to work in.

    Mot to next fed

    Tax to next January only £105 a year.

    Strictly no time wasters

    No private numbers

    £8,700 Ono

    Can sell for less without the CSL alloys..

    Call/text on. 07843958862

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      im looking for someone who can refurbish my instrument pod on my 325 — BMW E30 owners forum uk

      im looking for someone who can refurbish my instrument pod on my 325 ,

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      • well the gauges are playing up fuel gauge does what it likes an temp is the same just had it into bmw every thing checks out they said that the pod needs to be refurbished probably down to dry soldier or some thing ,but the fault lies in instrument pod,

      • Easy fix! BMW told you that because they don't know! No one works on this stuff anymore and haven't for about the last 15-20 years!!!

        Take your clocks out, remove the back plate with all the hex/Phillips headed screws around the outside, the dials will come with the back plate and are held on with screws and nuts! Sounds like it's a bad earth which is the common problem, you'll see the fuel and the temp gauges are held on by one 8mm nut, undo this nut and pull the dial from the back plate, clean up the contact on the back plate and the dial and refit it that should solve your problem. They are earthed by the nut that holds them on

        If that doesn't work you could check the earth behind the n/s of the rear seat?

      • nice one bruva I shall have a crack on them tomorrow thanks for that diamond

      Our friend Jim in Oregon — BMW GS EUROPE

      Our friend Jim in Oregon !

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      • that sounds fantastic! did you swop the tyres back and forth or just run them till they had no tread ? oh, and very well done!.

      • Stephen, I never needed those tires. I left home with a brand new set of tires and they got me to Alaska and were thread bare by the time I got to Seattle. In Seattle, I put a new set of tires on the bike. I love Metzler Tourance tires. I can change tires along the side of the road if I have to. But these TKC-80's just went along for the ride. Never needed them.

      • Great!

      Guten Tag — BMW Compact E46

      Guten Tag,

      hoffentlich kann mir jemand bei einem kleinen Problem weiterhelfen. Ich bin seit über einem Jahr ein stolzer Besitzer eines 325ti und habe heute festgestellt, dass die Drehzahl im Leerlauf manchmal absackt, wenn die Klimaanlage an ist. Das kommt einfach aus dem Nichts. Wenn man den Gang rausnimmt passiert zunächst nichts und im Stand kommt auch nichts ungewöhnliches. Irgendwann geht die Drehzahl für einen kleinen Augenblick auf 500 Umdrehungen und dann wieder hoch, als wäre es ein kurzes husten oder sowas.

      Dabei gibt es keinen Eintrag im Fehlerspeicher und zuvor hatte ich die Nockenwellensensoren, VANOS-Dichtungen inkl Ventildeckeldichtung und paar Schläuche im Ansaugtrakt gewechselt. Abgaswerte sind eigentlich auch in Ordnung (HU locker bestanden).

      Ich vermute, dass es der Kurbelwellensensor sein könnte, aber ich wollte mal eure Erfahrung mal gerne wissen. Vielleicht hatte das schonmal einer?

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      • es gibt so ein spray, der perlt wieder gut ab nur in den haarrissen verfängt er sich etwas und wird so sichtbar... frag mich aber nicht wie der heisst. kenn ich nur vom hörensagen

      • Also der NWS steuert die VANOS nicht an, sondern die Magnetventile. Beim Falschluft müsste doch der Leerlauf ständig unrund sein oder täusche ich mich? Ich werde gleich ein Video aufzeichnen, vielleicht erkennt man besser das Problem.

      • Habe es reingestellt.

      Wrapping results. What do you think — BMW 335i

      Wrapping results. What do you think?

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      • I like it! However, if you're curious... 1 can of glossifier would turn that matte CF into gloss CF. For $8.

      • looks good!! im going to have to do it!

      • Thank you a Lot for the komments if i have to change the roof i will try the gloss Look. I like the most my spoiler. This red little stripe looks so awesome at night.

      Are the front shocks of an e46 sedan the same as the front shocks on an e46... — BMW Compact E46

      Are the front shocks of an e46 sedan the same as the front shocks on an e46 compact?

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      Good news keeps coming CA Green Sticker carpool bill passes assembly sent to... — BMW i3

      Good news keeps coming: CA Green Sticker carpool bill passes assembly, sent to senate w/ urgency still attached.

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      • Chad, what happens if the Senate says "ok, we'll expand the program but not by 45,000 stickers. We'll approve 20,000" or something to that affect? Does it have to go back to the assembly and start over or....?

      • Yes, Heather, it goes back to the assembly for "concurrence" of the amendments. If the Assembly rejects then that is when it gets really complicated. Here is a link to a document that has the full the legislative flow oulined on page 1.

      • Got it, thanks Chad!! :)

      OK I caught the tracking bug — BMW i3

      OK - I caught the tracking bug.

      i3 BEV, TeraWorld, Nav, Tech and Parking, EE

      Started Production on 3/21

      Boarded the NYK Virgo Leader on 4/26 - Had to call BMW to get the ship name.

      Expected Arrival in Port Hueneme on 5/23

      In my Driveway on 5/28 (fingers crossed) as ActiveE lease ends 5/30.

      Happy Dance!!

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      • Nice, our second car is on the virgo leader and I did not know the port date for Ca. Now I do! Thanks.

        It's out of range until it hits the Jamaica or Panama area, Fun to watch it go through the canal.

      • It's better to watch it go through the canal in person, Peder :-)

      • what is painful is that both the Dorado Leader and Virgo Leader are scheduled to port in San Diego on their way up to port Hueneme. So darn close yet so far away. Aargh!

      just a few q s on the epa range — BMW i3

      just a few q's on the epa range.

      1. is the test done with a standard temperature outside for all cars?

      2. Is it tested for epa range in comfort mode, eco pro, eco pro plus or a blend of the three?

      Thanks in advance for the answers!

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      • Based on the numbers I'm guessing it was all done in Comfort mode.

      BREAKING. The i3 REx gets the full 2 500 CVRP rebate — BMW i3

      BREAKING: The i3 REx gets the full $2,500 CVRP rebate:

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      • I love this group!

      • Some really good insights here, thanks! I worked very closely with a FC company that had made really good progress on mass production at reasonable cost, but for stationary commercial applications (backing up cell towers) rather than transportation. Much more difficult to do the latter for all the reasons so eloquently stated above.

      • A technical difficulty with PHEV: in order to make tanks small enough for car, you compress very highly. The current status is 700 bar (you need the equivalent of appr. 12% of the H-energy for compressing).. So the pump at the station has to be able to deliver that, otherwise you lose range.

        I hear from time to time that people couldn't fill up their CNG tanks because the stations could not deliver the adequate pressure (up to 240 bar).....

      Anybody else see the i3 commercial during Two and a Half Men Pretty... — BMW i3

      Anybody else see the i3 commercial during Two and a Half Men? Pretty entertaining.

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      • I had an '02 Prius and started looking around, entered the ActiveE lottery, and next thing you know my i3 is being unloaded tonight. As Troy says, if not us, then who?

      • sold Volvo XC90 for Volt, Sold MX-5 for ActiveE (hurt a bit), now on to Rav4EV, BMW x3 for the 16 yr old who cries about gas costs...

        we have had the talk that our youngest 13 now, might not drive ICE at all at this rate.

      • I've seen i3 commercials the past 2 - 3 days in a row, during prime time :-)

      Dipping a 335i vert intense teal w seafoam green pearlizer and glossifier this... — BMW 335i

      Dipping a 335i vert intense teal w/seafoam green pearlizer and glossifier this Saturday. Should look similarish to this VW. I'll be sure to share some HQ pics when complete!

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      • Take lots of pics!

      • Plasti dipped cars always look a LOT better in pics than in person.

      • Peter Gjon Lekaj

      So I sat down with my CA s manager last night My i3 is still not scheduled for... — BMW i3

      So, I sat down with my CA's manager last night. My i3 is still not scheduled for production and like some of you, it has been delayed considerably from the original schedule. Laurel BEV with Terra and 20" and all other options. So the manager tells me he has a fully loaded, unsold BEV model out of production and awaiting carrier to the port. Terra interior BUT it's the storm trooper model. I want the Laurel! But I want my car ASAP! I've already (prematurely?) sold my 335 and am borrowing the wife's car. Here's the kicker. He believes the terra leather models will continue to be delayed due to material availability and that most likely my order will continue to languish in production purgatory. (My words, not his, but you get the drift). I think I'm going with the switch to white. There's no telling how long before the Terra issue is resolved and switching to Giga or Mega at this point means a long wait. Are any of you hearing anything similar?

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      • I have a Terra leather Rex that just finished production yesterday. Took 14 days from start of production to finish. So not sure how constrained BMW is with their leather supply.

      • Maybe a stealthy panda, Peder. ;)

      • I guessed last October an i3 would take nearly a year to reach Alabama. So I ordered a Tesla Model S which arrived 2 months and 2 days later.

      Congrats to the BEV Electronauts Question for those of us who are still... — BMW i3

      Congrats to the BEV Electronauts! Question for those of us who are still suffering: does anyone know (or know where I can look up) the boat departures after the May 17 and May 31 boats? (It's looking like I'd be really lucky to make either one of those...) Thx!

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      • They are not wasting any raw materials or creating any pollution because they are not producing any cars. Brilliant.

      • Yes, if the ultimate goal was preservation of resources, they certainly have that going.

      • David mentioned something about using elves' tears.

      Hello three days ago install the downpipes Today after drive about 100 miles... — BMW 335i

      Hello, three days ago install the downpipes. Today, after drive about 100 miles on the freeway, this light is lit. Any idea?

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      • Here , in argentina, the emmision inspection its not a problem.

      • There is here an interesting solution for this issue. With or w/o JB4 tml

      • Lmao my ass

      Hi guys miss my old 30 alpina am looking for another 30 weather it be a 316... — BMW E30 owners forum uk

      Hi guys, miss my old 30 alpina :( am looking for another 30 weather it be a 316 318 or even bigger ? Im looking to swap my 53 plate 2.0 zetec s manual. Full history 107k mot novemberish tax end august clean and tidy car well looked after. Tow bar.value around £1400 but would take one of less value (no cash involved) located guildford surrey. Thanks in advance

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        I don t understand why every post in this forum has to turn into Fak Fag Dix — BMW 335i

        I don't understand why every post in this forum has to turn into Fak, Fag, Dix..... and all the other stuff?

        I am also in the Rx-7 forum and none of that goes on there. I guess the admins do a better job or are 7 owners more mature then e9x owners?

        Flame away kitties...... Flame away.....

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        • I'm a newbie and I say fuck that guy. Love this page.

        • Vincent Carbone I think we know who posted the $20k Z3 auto for sale now

        Erik Eriksson added a photo to Tiny cars that look HUGE next to Coupe in BMW M & Z3 Coupe Enthusiasts. — BMW M Z3 Coupe Enthusiasts

        I am often amazed how tiny my z3 coupe looks even next to smallest possible cars you could buy. And I am sure you have noted the same. Let's see if we get funny photo topic out of this. Mod's you can delete this if it does not fit here. br: Erik

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        • Coupe vs. F07. Sorry for the poor quality, my iphone don't like photos against the sun...

        My guess of 140 city 112 Highway 26 kwh per 100 mile Combined MPGe of 124 was... — BMW i3

        My guess of 140 city, 112 Highway, 26 kwh per 100 mile, Combined MPGe of 124 was almost spot on. This is the most efficient production car on the planet. That's the good news.

        The bad news is the range. We will take delivery of our first i3 about two weeks before our second. If the range is truly this low (less than our Honda Fit EV) we will most likely not get the second bev i3 but rather re-order a rex model or reconsider.

        I remain hopeful that the real world range is better than 81 and closer to the ActiveE range. We will soon find out. I am disappointed by the range number

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        • The ActiveE is 102 combined (107 city, 96 hwy), 33 kWh/100 miles, 94 mile range.


        • Upside is the i3 will take on a lot more range with 1.5 hours of charging than the ActiveE. Especially if you got the step down charge rate update.

        Guise i haz a question — BMW 335i

        Guise i haz a question.

        If i brought a rear mtech bumper that is supposed to go on a 328i, and removed the diffuser and installed a 335i diffuser would it fit no problems asked? Or is the internal structure different?

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        • Hahah

        • Thanks guys haha. K Eric come to my place in Lebanon and take the bumper

        • You can pay for shipping

        Anyone had a 525d steptronic lci remapped and if so how was it after it was... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

        Anyone had a 525d steptronic lci remapped and if so how was it after it was done?

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        • B w chiptune are about the best when it comes to mapping derv bmws. My 530d will be going there later this year even if it is a 3 hour drive just to get there!

        • Iv had my 535d mapped goes well, black smokes like a bitch on hard acceleration it has had the dpf removed and swirl flap mod, don't know if that's part of the reason, it's running around the 350bhp mark and bags of torque!