This is wtf happens when you don t replace those fucking Oil cooler and housing... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

This is wtf happens when you don't replace those fucking Oil cooler and housing gaskets.. Serpentine belt fucked up everything...

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  • Darrell is the one to ask that

  • Cars
  • I'm cleaning out the crap and pulling the head to see what damage has been done to the valvetrain and hopefully not the bottom end. Most likely going to need a head rebuild and new timing chain etc.

  • You can measure the length of the chain and check specification

thursdaythrowbacks tbt — Modified BMW Owners Forum

#thursdaythrowbacks #tbt

Last July I dipped my bm pearl pink for cancer research uk!! Had to drive it like this for 6 weeks!!

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  • Oh I am it's okay got loads of support.

  • It looks amazing! What colour is it now?

  • Custom satin pearl grey

Hi colleague riders do you also forget to cancel turn signals sometimes — BMW GS EUROPE

Hi colleague riders, do you also forget to cancel turn signals sometimes? We have developed the most advanced and reliable self canceling turn signal system (not using time/distance). It even works better than the one in a car. You are very welcome to check our website, apply for beta test and help us make the road a safer place for motorcyclists! Thanks to Marco Pace who allowed this post!

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  • :D I hope you change your mind in the future and try our system, you'll never want to disable it again - sorry for a bit of marketing :D

  • LOL... don't count on me changing my mind. It would be the first time.

  • I admire strong character :D

My humble first look review. Saw a new Volt for the first time today in person — BMW i3

My humble first look review: Saw a new Volt for the first time today in person (parked at Ontario Mills)... Figured I'd share some pics and consider it along side the i3. The Volt is definitely more "normal" in person than I expected. Chevy's new MO is to build bland cars so no one knows what it is...which is basically what their current Malibu commercial is all about... The side and rear angles of the new Volt are not bad...head on, the silver is not striking and looked cheap compared to the rest of the body. I was hoping it would be very's not. If anything, the styling won't offend, but even a Prius looks more interesting to me. The interior is nice enough...what you'd upgrade from first gen... Lots of cheap chrome on the inside...a bit off setting... The dash screen (behind steering wheel) was smaller than expected. Backseat has deeper seats than the i3 but man, that center divider looks terribly uncomfortable and awkward for all rear passengers. Perhaps it's not but its fugly. I was waiting on this car prior to the i3, but after moving to a new home last summer, I no longer needed a car for a 60 mile plus drive per day. I know the REx could do it, but the Volt was a big consideration at the time. After moving, I knew the i3's range limits weren't an issue, so I set out for BEV and ended up with a REx. After seeing the Volt today, I'm happy I ended up with an i3. Now, who knows what the future will hold, but I'm hoping BMW comes up with some range and comfort improvements in the next couple of years, as I think (in short) the competition, especially from plug in hybrids, is really heating up.

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  • Very useful, thanks. We might also eventually get a gen 2 Volt to complement our i3.

  • Scott Stevens

    We did. Good combo.

  • Just saw photos for one of the cars at the Chicago auto show. It was the LT version--was that the one you sampled?

    The Premier version does have a more premium feel than the LT, and there are better enhancements (with more kit). But yes, the rear seats are small, and I agree the center position is laughable. Well, at least it is, until you see the split car demo, and realize the entire car is crammed full of "stuff". At least there is a center seat now.

— BMW Forum

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  • So bloody true! Roads up here r sh*t!!! Full of Potholes even on the supposedly good roads! Grrrr

Hi — BMW Compact E46


Rattle and Hum when you start up your N42B18?

My engine, in my 316ti, sounded a bit "dieselish" at upstart.

I read a bit about it and came to the conclusion that I had to upgrade the timingchain tensioner, to avoid the timing chain to skip a cog or two. If that happens, it would cause a mayhem under the bonnet... I found a new, upgraded tensioner on eBay at 27 GBP incl shipping to Sweden.

It was an easy 45 min work to change it and my engine went silent at upstart. You can easily see if your tensioner is upgraded or not, by looking att the height of the bolthead on the outside. See the difference in my picture; The new one is on the left, and the old, worn out one, is at the right. The only new tool I had to get, to perform this operaton, was a 27 mm spanner to get the old tensioner out an the new in...

When I was at it, I changed the oil and oilfilter as well.

Cheap lifesaver for your N42B18, isn´t it? :-)

I´ll submit a Youtube-DIY from

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  • Hope its ok with new tensioner. Otherwise you have to change timing chain Kit.

  • The engine sounded "dieselish" only att upstart.

    It´s quiet now and runs smooth...

  • Magnus Oldberg Nice, good Driving now

Hi all My engine management light has been on for a while saying increased... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Hi all. My engine management light has been on for a while saying increased emissions. The diagnostic machine said it was the egr valve. This morning I've noticed the engine management

light has gone off and the errors have gone off the idrive. Has anybody had anything similar happen?

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  • It gets blocked up pal take it off and clean it

  • Is it a big/hard job?

  • No pal very easy to get to

Searching for M60/M62 exhause collector pipes — AZ Official Arizona BMW Sell Trade

Hey guys, looking for these collector/downpipe sections from a pre vanos car, 95-98 e38, 97-98 540, or e39 M5. Doing a test dummy header retrofit on my Vanos 540 and need these to make it work. Not having much luck finding an early parts car, and the other few think their old exhaust is worth gold. Please let me know if you have anything, Thank you in advance!

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  • Sadly I think that's the only one I have.. but I'll take a 2nd look see if it's hiding.

  • Thank you

  • Sadly that's the only one I have...

— BMW M3 forum

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  • There's a few euro motors floating around

  • Ship that bitch to the us make $$

Little brothers new M3 vert. Immaculate car find — BMW M3 forum

Little brothers new M3 vert. Immaculate car find.

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  • or DCT

  • Lmao, I actually have a gf but I get a lot of girls, and guys... asking "what business do you own"

  • Really damn maybe I'm doing something wrong no girlfriend no girls and no one asking about business hahha

Bought my i3 for 25 9k with 15 000 miles on it and already had Cu do the... — BMW i3

Bought* my i3 for 25.9k with 15,000 miles on it and already had Cu do the coding for me. Tint is getting done next week any other neat features or accessories out there? I'm thinking of having my custom Upholstery guy make bamboo floor mats..

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  • Used it the other day and nobody said anything

  • Welcome to the family ⚡️

  • Race gas ftw lol I figure two gallons at a time why not

This was also with the boost by gear turned on for 1st gear Limiting to 9psi... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

This was also with the boost by gear turned on for 1st gear. Limiting to 9psi in 1st

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  • When you flash it's under options

  • Yeah I just looked at it thank you....haven't flashed mhd in a while

  • Boost by gear limiting boost in first, and I rolled into the throttle. Not my first rodeo ;-)

25d does it have swirl flaps if so what size I keep getting told yes and no it... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

25d does it have swirl flaps if so what size I keep getting told yes and no it's starting to annoy me as I have now 111k on the clock and am going to do the exhaust manifold soon as it arrives

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  • Sean Fearon

  • It should have them 32mm if it does

Hi guys — BMW F800GS

Hi guys.

What is the tyre pressure for f800gsa?

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  • 32 front 36 rear, one up. I think it's officially 31.9 and 35.9 (Germans...)

  • 32 /36 is correct

  • Depends on what you're doing...dirt is very comfy with tyre pressure under 25 psi...on sealed bitumen road 32 - 33 psi...i find okay...

Soooo what should we call it — Bmw 3 Forum

Soooo what should we call it ?

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  • Saw this just now

  • This shit really getting outta control

  • I think they should educate people and put a bmw programm on schools

Wtb Xenon ballast e92 335 Lmk if u got one and how much If the price is... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

Wtb. Xenon ballast e92 335. Lmk if u got one and how much. If the price is right I might consider a used over a new. Here's my old one burnt from headlight seal failure ..

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  • EBay did me good on a replacement. It was fairly cheap and holds up fine, it's been a year.

  • I have one I'll sell

Got this tidy 01 330ci came in yesterday at work old guy traded it in on a new... — BMW Forum Queensland

Got this tidy 01 330ci came in yesterday at work (old guy traded it in on a new skoda). Only done 105,000kms. Will be going up for $15,000 drive away if anyone is interested.

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  • At the end of the day a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If anyone is interested tell me what you would pay to own it and ill see if i can convince the big man to take it.

    Redbook pricing is lower but look at the average kms they list for that price. I paid about 10 for my 325i manual facelift. Low km convertibles always go for a premium. I know what its like trying to find a decent condition e46.

  • You're not wrong

    E46 in good condition is becoming very rare

  • same


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  • ถามอีกนิส ตัวนี้สามารถใช้กับ 525ise ได้เลยใช่ไหม เปลี่ยนของเดิมออก โปรแกรมใหม่ได้เลยใช่ไหม ถ้าได้ ผมเอาเลยครับ ส่ง ems นะครับ

  • ผมขอpart number ละกันครับ

  • ขายไปแล้วครับ

Brothers my idling is surging up and don 1 100 rmp then 500rpm what could be... — BMW E36 Philippines

Brothers, my idling is surging up and don 1,100 rmp then 500rpm what could be the prob? I feel it also is not that fuel efficient. e36 316i 99 MT. Thanks!

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  • same prob here. pinalitan ko toh

  • ito pare resold mo

  • adjust mo gear.then check mo hose baka may vacuum leak

It s not cold and the cars had over 5 hours on a fast charge but the best I am... — BMW i3

It's not cold and the cars had over 5 hours on a fast charge but the best I am getting is 59 miles.

Most full charges show 52 miles is this normal

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  • Never seen that. I have to press the weird gas type picture not the eff score! Did not know that existed!!

  • This same screen can be viewed in the iDrive in the car too.

  • In the crazy Philly winter temps last winter and earlier this winter I was lucky to get anywhere above 50!! Usually high 40's...

Anyone want a passport max 2. I paid 630 for it. Looking to get 500 shipped — BMW M3 forum

Anyone want a passport max 2? I paid $630 for it. Looking to get $500 shipped.

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  • Obviously you found a lot of morons. Most people offered me $300-400. I bought brand new from Amazon which is an authorized retailer for 560 shipped and taxed last June.

  • Any reasonable offer will be considered though.

  • Bump

John Higham shared's video to the group: BMW i3. — BMW i3

Developed in the top secret labs of BMW's Tech Group in Mtn. View, the i3's new V12 REx is handbuilt and hits the test stand.

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  • This man is called "Patelo", he is spanish and everything is hand made. He has really awesome videos.

  • I want 1

  • Would be even better if it really worked. lol

So I got some quotes for a lease on the i3 The dealers are really trying to... — BMW i3

So I got some quotes for a lease on the i3. The dealers are really trying to get rid of the 2015's so a fully loaded Rex (~$55,895 MSRP) was $503 a month with $2800 down for a 30 month lease. This happened to be a dark grey one.

The same car but a 2016 (shown in the image) is my dream i3 which I think I will hold out for because I love the fluid black color. They quoted me $633 a month with $2800 down for a 36 month lease.

I have 3 more months left on my 2013 335is convertible so I think I will wait until the 2015's are sold, and the dealers are more willing to negotiate on the 2016s.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these deals!! I live in Southern California.

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  • hell yeah, My rex was 56K and we got +350Mo. with zero down...payed of my old car balance too! in LA they had $99 executive demo leases for 24 mos. and this is Hawaii Hell everything is expensive!!

  • I sent a pm

  • Got it

WANTED — BMW Australia Buy Sell




Passenger guard

Front and rear bumper

Drivers mirror

Cheers guys ✌

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  • Yeh that's a long way for some panels, I'm sure I can get them here. Thanks anyway Deb!

  • Ok get back to us if you need anything posted.

  • Adam I have to head up there soon to look at an F100 so I can bring shit back if you need it

I feel like in the coupe you can ONLY be a person on the right lol — BMW M Z3 Coupe Enthusiasts

I feel like in the coupe, you can ONLY be a person on the right lol.

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  • I can see how running the pump dry may cause some damage but aside from that the pump does not work any harder driving around the Ring all day (awesome by the way) than it does sitting in traffic.

    I lost the original pump in my E46 at 170k miles and I'm always driving around with the light on. Hard to say whether keeping half a tank minimum would have stretched the life of the pump any. 170k seems to be a little longer than average for the life of the pump.

    Back when I did track days more often I had a 'bad day box' filled with parts that could ruin a track day but could easily be changed track side. A fuel pump was in that box.

  • I'm astonished at how bad the gauges are in these cars. Kristin is right: At the track, if the gauge gets to 1/2, you can go put >10 gal in the car. I've ended a track day showing 1/2, and had the reserve light on by the time I got 10 miles to town.

  • We made it a game. Guess how many gallons need to go in when the car hits 1/2. At the track it is usually 10-11.

Are folks familiar with the charging facilities being developed in the UK... — BMW i3

Are folks familiar with the charging facilities being developed in the UK discussed here? Hope the US develops some similar plans.

"Innovative technology announced by BMW Group will soon allow electric cars to be charged using state-of-the-art LED street lights. This offers a solution to those electric vehicle users, who do not have their own charging equipment at home but need to charge on-street. "

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    Wooooo found my baby a DC Fast Charger She was glowing and so happy getting... — BMW i3

    Wooooo! found my baby a DC Fast Charger! She was glowing and so happy getting charged 80% in 30 minutes and 30

    seconds while we enjoyed a glass of wine and some apps. Watching the charge up all the time on my iPhone. She was 100% by the time we paid the check

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    • Well it was pretty cold when I charged mine and I got 80% in 30 minutes.

    • Could have also been a 24kW unit..?

    • Maybe. I just tried a different DC Fast and it was much better.

    Misfire cylinder 6 sometimes 5 at WOT with tune. Without tune car runs fine — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

    Misfire cylinder 6, sometimes 5 at WOT with tune. Without tune car runs fine. Changed spark plugs, coils and injectors

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    • .022"

    • .022

    • If anyone is wondering, problem solved with recommended NGK plugs and gapping .022mm

    — BMW M3 forum

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    • Bump- still want a section 2

    • I have a full s54 pullout with six speed trans for sale Rikki Shim you could build your own :)

    • Joseph A. Hansen no time & no money to build another project.... But 1 day I will....

    325i y can t i do a burnout if im pressing the brakes and I give it gas the gas... — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

    325i y can't i do a burnout if im pressing the brakes and I give it gas the gas pedal it wont work :/ its STD

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    • Shitty automatic Transmission, even my e46 330d wasnt able to do burnouts with its 410nm of torque

    • Pull the handbrake tighter.

    • Peter Lazareski my car its std

    Looking for a set of spacers either two or four PCD 5x120 CB 72 6mm I m after... — BMW Australia Buy Sell

    Looking for a set of spacers - either two or four - PCD 5x120, CB 72.6mm. I'm after 15mm, but will look at options either side (10-20mm) of this as well. Extra brownie points if longer wheel bolts are included.

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    • I have them but in Sydney (15mm hubcentric with extended bolts)

    • Order custom from in FTG

      They do spacers, nuts, long studs etc iirc, great pricing short lead times.

    Has anyone had any issues with the cp e chargepipe w tial BOV The CP will not... — Bmw 3 Forum

    Has anyone had any issues with the cp-e chargepipe w/tial BOV? The CP will not fit all the way on to the throttle body, so I can't use the c-clamp to hold it in place? I spoke with the lead engineer at cp-e or BMS(can't remember which company called me first) and they claim that the throttle body must come off to fit it correctly. By my measurements, I'm about 1/2 inch off from it fitting. I'm ready to return the whole thing and get a refund, but they assured me that it will work if I try it their way. I had a handful of codes pop up and my car was in limp mode after installing installation the last time. I finally have the car back to normal and don't want to pay to send it back with the possibility of not getting a refund if I'm doing something wrong. This seems like a pretty basic thing to install, I just want to see if anyone else has had issues and what you did to remedy the situation. Oh and I'm not sure if this matters, but it's for an 08 335xi.

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    • I kept the stock dv's.

    • If you're using a pry bar, GENTLY pry the cp towards the throttle body while wiggling the cp up and down a little. I did that and it went right on.

    • Ok. I'm waiting on my new map sensor to come in(should be today) before I try again. When the CP blew off the map sensor took a beating. It's barely connected, which probably explains the random codes I was getting. No codes at the moment though. I'll try your method for sure. Thanks for the response, man. At this point, any advice is helpful.

    E92 n54 146k miles autotragedy — New Jersey BMW Forum (NJBC)

    E92 n54 146k miles autotragedy

    Has a weird whining noise. At first I thought it was power steering, but it's fine. It is really loud at cold start, I literally have to let it warm it for 15 minutes for it to quiet down.

    I checked around and the noise seems to be coming from the transmission. It sounds a lot from the torque converter area.. I did a trans fluid replacement so I guess tomorrow morning when it's cold I'll see if the noise continues.

    Anyone else has had issues? Maybe it's the trans fluid pump?

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    • No, trump. Actually nah, neither of them would.

    • Nah I want my welfare ain't voting for trump lmaooo

    • LOL

    I went through a large puddle yesterday and then this happened I opened and... — BMW i3

    I went through a large puddle yesterday and then this happened! I opened and closed the frunk 3 times. It's definitely closed. Anyone know where the sensor is? Maybe it's dirty or wet or fogged up. I was hoping it would dry out but this stayed on all day today, along with the annoying gong!

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    • Tried wiping down the latch area this morning. No luck. I think the next step is to leave the hood open in the sun to let it breathe

    • I'm dry leaves too. We had some bad storms a few weeks ago and when I checked the froot it was bone dry after 2 days of driving rain.

    • "...froot..."

    Any tips how to cut down on the extra fogging up nature of the windshield so... — BMW i3

    Any tips how to cut down on the extra fogging up nature of the windshield so you dont have to use the defrost so much? I use the sock filled with cat litter for my truck that had poor door seals that led to greater moisture in the truck. I was going to try that. Are there other options?

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    • Yes since there is no waste heat coming in from the transmission and engine.

    • AC @ 65°f. 1 bar. Occasional blast of the ac max button. I'm in wet England and this is as good as any car.

    • AC ( compressor ) should be on if you see inside windshield fog, even in heat modes.

    Today I had a tree limb fall and crack the roof of my I3 I started an... — BMW i3

    Today I had a tree limb fall and crack the roof of my I3. I started an insurance claim requiring an estimate to repair or replace the panel. I contacted the local BMW certified body shop. When I brought it down they said they couldn't touch it since the roof panel is permanently bonded to the carbon frame.I was sent to the nearest dealer, BMW of North Haven. After speaking with their Service Dept I was told to contact BMW Customer Relations. These folks were surprised to hear the dealer didn't know what to do. I've been told someone will now get back to me in 3-5days! For anyone who has had an accident how did you go about obtaining an estimate from a qualified facility to repair your i3?

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    • I got my car back! Other than a few carbon fiber chips in the cabin she looks great. Repair cost was $4,500 two weeks at the Port Chester Service center.

    • Glad to hear it

    • Congrats!

    Experiencing a loud clicking at higher RPM under the hood I noticed the wire... — Bmw 3 Forum

    Experiencing a loud clicking at higher RPM under the hood. I noticed the wire coils that circles the inside of my alternator is "out of place" and is not spinning when the car is running. Does it normally spin? It looks pressed against the top inner part of the alternator. Not really noticing any power outage?

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    • Vanos rattle? Common in e46s that haven't had the vanos system serviced

    • I have done Vanos seals bud I have not done the timing chain

    • It looks like my oil separator is leaking already. I replaced it two years ago. Should I try to disconnect the hoses and reconnect them or just put a new one in?

    Who s down for a meet this weekend somewhere in north jersey weather looks... — New Jersey BMW Forum (NJBC)

    Who's down for a meet this weekend somewhere in north jersey? weather looks great. Or if there are any cars and coffee going on. Haven't taken any pics in a while wanna bring my dslr.

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    • Parf won't tell us

    • Sooooo....

    • ..... Yes/no