The next Bimmers Coffee and Donuts meet is in Hollywood on Sunday September 20... — BMW M3 forum

The next Bimmers, Coffee and Donuts meet is in Hollywood on Sunday, September 20 from 8:30am-10:30am (trying to beat the heat) at Dale Photo & Digital. Coffee, water and donuts are provided free by the BMW CCA Everglades chapter! You don’t need to be a CCA member to attend and all cars are welcome. We are one block west of 95 off Sheridan (Dale Photo, 2960 Simms St, Hollywood, FL 33020). See you there!

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  • Bernie, check out for membership info.

  • Cars
  • Thank you, Josh Lehrer

  • Don't forget, the meet is tomorrow morning! The weather this morning was great, so I am confident it will be a beautiful day tomorrow.

— BMW i3

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  • Thanks for doing the map, Scott! Mine hasn't shown up, btw--should I resubmit?

  • Bob Howard - Thanks for letting me know. I found that the script was not executing, so I just updated the map. Please check now to see if you are on there. If not, let me know the name of your listing and I will check it. Sorry!! :-)

  • Yes Scott, I know and I feel very sad about that.

    I do believe the reason for that is that the German government doesn't do very much for public chargers and the regulation for that.

    Also the car industry ist not very interested in developing EV's for the German market because they earn more on SUV's and other monster trucks.

    Most human beings want to have strong cars and also underestimate the power of an EV! ;)

    My first rides on this i3 was a very satisfying experience and I wouldn't want to miss it. :)

Dig with GTR. GTR is FBO with Cobb pump pro tune — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

Dig with GTR. GTR is FBO with Cobb pump pro tune.

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  • A little late. But here ya go.

  • Adam Grantham I was just watching this with Rob Davies last night good shit may I ask what's ur tune choice I have Cobb my buddy runs jb4 ...just curious as I'm hearing so many kinds now .... Also are u single turbo now or still twins , I was under influence stock turbos can't go over 25 safley ... I'm roughly on 17 lbs but plan to go to atkeast 22 lbs n call it a day ..... I also have the x drive ide imagine if i wasn't a lil bitch and just hammerd out the whole the skyline shouldn't even have that initial dig on me as he did u .... And for the rest of u cats that think theese bmws are weak well ur wrong

  • Hey Rolo Hubbard check out my fan page for more info. But it's a Single turbo car tuned with MHD/HalTech

Need help brought a bmw 3 series yesterday and the passenger seat belt light is... — Bmw 3 Forum

Need help brought a bmw 3 series yesterday and the passenger seat belt light is on even when no one is on it, whem i plug the belt in it goes of any idea why !

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  • New sensor, bypass or a false buckle are your options then

  • Murse = man purse

  • Annoying chiming tho !

Good evening ladies and gentlemen I have been riding for a year now with my BMW... — BMW GS EUROPE

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have been riding for a year now with my BMW system EVO 6 helmet. I love this helmet and think it is very quiet.

But I have now been looking at the Schuberth c3 pro with all the blue tooth gadgets. have looked online in the many chat rooms but cannot find a decent comparison on these two products. When I wear a helmet I want there to be that sitting down in a comfy sofa after a long days ride feeling but I am just not getting that from my EVO 6. If anyone out there could shed some light on this is that would be great. If anyone had any insight into the use of the system on the C3 pro that would be awesome.

Happy riding.

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  • Yes, C3 pro can't be driven with front up since it hasn't got the P/J homologation which (legally) aloves you to ride with closed or opened face. As I know for sure Nolan and X-lite flip-up helmets have such homologation.

  • I have had both helmets and found little difference between the two... They both let water in through the visor seal. I now have a Caberg Duke which is superb, it's comfortable, has a drop down visor that you can have partially down so you can look down at the instruments through the clear visor, it is legal to use locked open, the visor has a large lip to lift open and it locks positively and best of all it's a third of the price. The only con is the ventilation is not as good as the others but I just leave the visor open on the first notch. I have not used BT with it as I still prefer a hard wired autocom kit. NB only the BMW BT system is fully functional with the latest RTs and K16s

  • Thanks for all the info guys. It's been really helpful.

Any advantage disadvantage of using bluetooth vs. usb cable with the iphone — BMW i3

Any advantage / disadvantage of using bluetooth vs. usb cable with the iphone. It may be just my imagination, but when plugged in, I get more interference (with my i3 key being not recognized for instance) than when the iphone is connected via bluetooth.

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  • Sound quality of the USB is much better - especially the lows. For podcasts though, Bluetooth is fine.

  • After 4 months I never use the USB, BT only if there is something on the phone I want to listen to. The sound quality is better if your library is on the cars hard drive but I only got about half of mine on it and it's not organized. I need to google and see how other BMW owners have done it. I also need a 32gb USB stick.

  • My file structure copied over fine, but not my playlists. Songs do sort by genres, tho, so that's mostly what I'm doing at this point. Share whatever you come up with, Marcus!

Those with Oil Coolers what is your average oil temp — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

Those with Oil Coolers, what is your average oil temp?

Mines always around 240, 250. But everyone else that has an oil cooler has said there's stays at around 200

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  • What brand cooler did you use? I've heard Setrab is the best. But you know how it goes....

  • I used a BM.tbh I just copied stetts setup.

  • 240-250 constant

Can anyone recommend a replacement I was looking at fizmo but the lug pattern... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Can anyone recommend a replacement, I was looking at fizmo but the lug pattern on the outer rim looks different, cheers guys

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  • My mechanic fitted them lol you need to take lights out as a bit fiddly otherwise

  • ok mate thanks for your help, I bought some now

  • Also got these super bright and no faults

Read a post here from Mary. sorry FB tagging is terrible at recognizing names — BMW i3

Read a post here from Mary (sorry FB tagging is terrible at recognizing names) saying I should have 6 services listed here. This is in the U.S.

Am I really missing 3 or did I misunderstand?

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  • Click the link at top left for "Store." You will then see 2 tabs

  • Everything looks good. Much appreciated, Mary!

I m having some trouble with my 2007 N54 E90 The car has been giving the... — BMW 335i

I'm having some trouble with my 2007 N54 E90. The car has been giving the reduced power icon on and off for a couple of months, usually with a slight stumble. Most of the time, you can stop/start the engine and it goes away, one time it gave the surging symptoms of the HPFP issue but normally, there is very little RPM surge, like within 100RPM +/-. I’ve had these exact symptoms before and we had to replace the throttle body to correct it, that was just over a year and maybe 20k miles ago and while it’s certainly possible that’s the problem again, I certainly hope a $300 throttle body would last longer than that. I pulled codes and I’m getting –

2CF6 Throttle valve potentiometer 1, plausibility with regard to air mass

2CF7 Throttle valve potentiometer 2, plausibility with regard to air mass

2D61 Throttle valve, monitoring

I guess these may be pointing to the throttle body again.

I’ve visually checked the charge pipe to throttle body connection and the throttle body electrical connections and it all seems good. Do you guys have any other suggestions as to what may be going on here?

Car is lightly modded, DCI and JB4 only (used JB4 to pull codes). I've been working on suspension and LSD before more performance mods.

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    Guys any recommendations for the bolt on oil catch can for N54 that doesn t... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

    Guys, any recommendations for the bolt-on oil catch can for N54 that doesn't cost a fortune?

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    • One thing about Mishimoto- you don't have to remove the cowl to empty it. Convenient!

    • It's the same manufacturer that makes bmw didn't want to mount mine on the brace

    • You don't have to remove the cowl to empty the bms as long as you don't have the factory air box or similar.

    Adrenalin Eğlence Muhteşem ödüller — Bmw Forum Turkey

    Adrenalin… Eğlence… Muhteşem ödüller…

    TÜM SINIF 1.

    AutoClub Kavacık’ tan ACT180 Uygulaması ve Therapia Balık Restaurant ’ından iki kişilik yemek.

    TÜM SINIF 2.

    Caraudiosoul’ dan 500TL hediye çeki ve Street Car’ dan cam filmi.

    TÜM SINIF 3.

    Otovınn’ dan Türkiye’de anlaşmalı olan işletmelerde geçerli olmak üzere 10 adet araç yıkama kuponu ve Liqui Moly’ den Micra Seramikli yağ katkısı.


    Başarı kupası


    AutoClub Kavacık’ tan Ozonla Dezenfeksiyon Uygulaması.


    TurAssist’ ten 3 ay boyunca ücretsiz yol yardımı


    Ücretsiz öğle yemeği



    Bmw Club Turkey Ailesi' ni de tribüne ve piste bekliyoruz

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    • 202 metre olan pistte hem aracınızın kondüsyonunu görebilir hem de gönlünüzce stres atabilirsiniz.

      Saat 09:00 itibariyle sıralama yarışlarıyla başlayacak olan organizasyon, saat 10:00 itibariyle belirlenen sınıflar arası şampiyonluk mücadelesi ile devam edecektir.

      Organizasyon yarışları tamamlandığında eğlence amaçlı sınıf farketmeksizin yarışlar ve Time Trial süprizi de sizleri bekliyor.

    Anyone have US style square plate on the rear want to see what they look like — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

    Anyone have US style/ square plate on the rear want to see what they look like

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    • There 8.5s at the front with 35mm spacers and 9.5 rears with 50mm spacers

    • And last question what tires have you got on them. I have the same wheels with 255 35 at the back and 245 35 on the front but need to get myself spacers as the fronts are touching the shocks lol

    • 275/30 rears and 245/35 fronts

    Photos from Tim Nedas's post — BMW i3 UK

    It's alive! But built on a Friday afternoon.....

    Couple of questions if anyone has answers.

    1. What does GOM stand for?

    2. What is "stronger electricity supply?"

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    • Laurus, sun protection. 428s. Perfect. Snap except for the Rex bit.......;-)

    • Stronger supply is larger 12v battery if I remember correctly.

    • GOM. Guess o meter. It's the estimate of mileage shown on the app and in the car.

      "Stronger electricity" probably means more than 13 amps. Ie. 32 amp type 2 plug ( Rolec) etc. Then up to the massive 110 amp plus on the ecotricity DC pumps.


    Hello everyone I have a problem in my e90 when I drive up to 40mph the car... — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

    Hello everyone, I have a problem in my e90, when I drive up to 40mph the car begins to vibrate very strong .. it can be? and on other occasions the vibration disappears

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    • flywheel centre bearing braking up

    • Intake valve of cyl. 3 is stuck open

    • Thrust arm bushing is very prone to failure on these cars

    Came across this gem from 1981 — BMW i3

    Came across this gem from 1981.

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    • Well they weren't wasting any range lugging around a bunch of airbags and other safety equipment :-P

    • Brings back painful childhood memories that I've been struggling to suppress....

    • HAHA Ohh Mr. Rogers... nice find.

    I d say my car it s closer to ready now so I m looking for a place if anybody... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

    I'd say my car it's closer to "ready" now so I'm looking for a place if anybody cancelled or about to cancel for Santa Pod .. If it's possible, thanks.

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    • 8.5 9.5

    • Yeah

    • Currently all sold out but if anyone drops out will let you know mate!

    Right e36 guys — Modified BMW Owners Forum

    Right, e36 guys:

    I'm after side skirts rubber seals, even BMW stealer don't have it. Where can I get, what can I replace with ?

    Viscous fan delete mod.

    I wanna get rid of that shit forever useless and go for button powered electric fans. Not big ones, but useful and quiet most important. What's involved ?

    Aditional electric water pump. Got no idea if snybody have done thst before but it just came into my mind today working on Audi q7 at garage having an additional electric water pump. Yay or no ? I'm not a drifter, not a racer, just useful mods for my e36.

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      Help and advice please Started getting steering wheel vibration shuddering... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

      Help and advice please. Started getting steering wheel vibration/shuddering under breaking. Will this just likely be disks and pads or something else ? Cheers.

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      • 2.5d.

      • Got the sizes now Ben . Cheers for the help. 1 last thing. . Do I need to buy brake sensors to be replaced ? Going for drilled and grooved

      • Only need brake sensors if the warning light has come on

      After a week and 2800km 1750mi I m back from a great vacation with my i3 in... — BMW i3

      After a week and 2800km (1750mi) I'm back from a great vacation with my i3 in Switzerland and Italy. I'll try to write up more on my experience, including an unexpected drive up a 2100 meter mountain, but I want to point out how EV friendly Switzerland is. Most routes are easily manageable with CCS only (unlike Italy and parts of Germany) and the scenery is just amazing.

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      • Cool trip, well done (with the infrastructure in Germany and Italy!) I have only tried the i3 in the Eifel park and Ardennes, would love to take it climbing in Switzerland.

      • Switzerland is my favorite country in the world. would love to relocate there some day. I guess I need to start taking German first, though :-)

      • The only problem with Switzerland (and Norway) is that everything is around twice as expensive as in the rest of Europe. But on the other hand, EV charging is completely free.

      Hi guys can t really se this properly but I m sure it says central electronic... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

      Hi guys can't really se this properly but I'm sure it says central electronic failure this is the second day it's poped up and the hole computer shuts down which resulted in no radio etc, can anyone help?

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      • Voltage. Alternator or battery

      • Someone else said alternator it's going into the garage tomorrow hope it gets sorted cheers guys

      • strip the boot out where the spare wheel should be and the carpet bit you may have water sitting there as this is where some of the modules are kept like pdc ect has this a few months ago

      Warex islemi baslasin — Bmw Forum Turkey

      Warex islemi baslasin :)

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      • Sesi ceksen;))

      • Emrah Tuğba Örümlü kedi gozlerinimi degiatirdin cok iyi parlamış flasdab

      • Kedi gozleri flastan dolayi parladi:) ama ledlileride var onlarin

      Dpf problem solved. Welded back up a fitted no faults either — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

      Dpf problem solved! Welded back up a fitted, no faults either :)

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      • On the bottom oli my is a 04 530d and have gutted mine

      • Ah f%**%* ! I'm confused now is it on the manifold or halfway of the car : ) that DIDENT take long :) sorry

      • So in the middle of the car?

      Kaip nuorint bmw e60 520i ausinimo sistema jai nera nei vieno nuorinimo tasko — East Anglia BMW Forum LT

      Kaip nuorint bmw e60 520i ausinimo sistema jai nera nei vieno nuorinimo tasko ?

      Laikem prieki pakele, pecius karsciu iki dugno ir visa kita, antifreezo apie 6ltr peciukas syla keleivio puse, vairuotojo salta puce variklis nekaista laiko 93~ laipsnius ir t.t

      Storoji slanga virsutine kaip ir tusce ir maigem ir ko tik nedarem bet sistemoi dar sociai oro ir pecius tai vienur syla tai kitur.

      Ant bmw e46 su tuo paciu varikliu pilna ju o ce gryba kaskoki pagamine.

      Linkstu prie to kad pats itaisysiu nuorinino kamsciu....

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        Hey all I ve replaced the seal circled in red but if you look at the blue arrow... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

        Hey all I've replaced the seal circled in red , but if you look at the blue arrow their is a build up of oil the car isn't using any oil or if it is its so little I've not noticed it I think it's coming from the oil breather is there any reason it would breath this heavy ?

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        • Ahh so that would of held it back originally, and not yet no few bits to do first Im ordering egr delete tomorrow and then intercooler next month then remap

        • Smoke could be because it's not been deleted yet I think there's a few other tweeks to be done not just delete it from the Map

        • Ahh I see ide like to know what it involves it's interesting to know these things haha

        Terraclean is booked in for tomorrow. Let s see how good this shizzle is — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

        Terraclean is booked in for tomorrow. Let's see how good this shizzle is...

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        • How much you paid?

        • £126 is the rrp from terraclean ! Anyone charging more is having you on. That's for above 2l. Under is £108.

        • Got 49 on the way home!!! Incredible stuff

        Photos from John Valenti's post — BMW Drivers Forum NSW

        Went for a drive in the rain yesterday and snapped a few shots of my new F22

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        • Looks awesome John Valenti! The best colour for the F22. Make sure you register to bring her along to the BMW show on 11th October. It won't be raining!

        • DTC????

        • Hey Josh Davis I dont think its anything that special for it to go in the show on 11th Oct, its pretty standard, no mods except for cosmetic ones

        รบกวน Gu Ru เครื่องดีเซลหน่อยครับ รถผม 530d ตอนนี้บูสท์อยู่ 2บาร์... — BMW E60 SOCIETY

        รบกวน Gu Ru เครื่องดีเซลหน่อยครับ รถผม 530d ตอนนี้บูสท์อยู่ 2บาร์ เปลี่ยนโซลินอย คุมแรงดัน. เปลี่ยนโอริงพวกท่อยางอากาศหมดทุกตัวแล้ว แต่.. ตอนนี้บางครั้งบูสท์มาบ้าง ไม่มาบ้าง ไม่มาบ้าง จะเป็นตอนที่ซัดเต็มแล้วยกคันเร่ง พอกดต่อ บูสท์จะหายไปเลย

        จับคอมพ์มันขึ้นว่า Pressure ในท่อสักท่อ แต่ไม่ระบุ .. ใครเคยมีอาการคล้ายๆแบบนี้บ้างครับ

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        • เยี่ยมครับคือล้างตัว pressure sensor แล้วอาการหาย หรือว่าอยู่ๆ ก็หายเองครับ

          งัยไปสรุปให้เพื่อนๆฟังบ้างนะครั บจะได้เป็น FYI ครับ

        • ล้าง Pressure sensor ครับ

        • แล้วตอนนี้อาการโอป่าวครับ

        Hello — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK


        Enyone have space saver wheel for sale

        Or can i fit form bmw E46-E39

        And what size 16" or 17"

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        • You know I'm all the way down in Surrey south London ish

        • I'm Sevenoaks if that's any good

        • Anyone can do courier

          And how much for spare wheel

        Just got back from an awesome weekend doing the BMW Offroad course in South... — BMW GS EUROPE

        Just got back from an awesome weekend doing the BMW Offroad course in South Wales. 200 miles pootle down there, complimentary beers in the fridge at Simon Pavey's place next to Si's Dakar bike, 2 great days with like minded people, caning the new GS1200LC around the dirt and a 240 mile pootle back (I took the long way home and wished it could have been longer).

        The new LC is a different beast to my old 2010 GSA, but I still love the old school feel of mine.

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        • mint, gonna book one for next year.. thanks for sharing

        • Also not my experience Paul. There's some waiting while instructing but then most of the segments are circular so you just follow around and not really any waiting. Also you'll be glad of small respite as it was full on. Had Gwynn as our instructor (he's pictured on the Adventure),who was absolutely great. Simon took turns to visit all dinner tables in the evening as well making sure everyone could ask him questions and get some of his time. Loved it. Oh and no fuel costs. Hired gs boots but we're only about a tenner iirc.

        • Off road biking is good for health it keeps you fit and fine

        Hello So I was working on my e32 yesterday And found out it had a really bad... — BMW 7 Series E32 Worldwide

        Hello! So I was working on my e32 yesterday. And found out it had a really bad fuel line. It rusted and cracked right above the differential. The rest if it was in good shape. So I cut both lines where they had corrosion and replaced it with a rubber fuel line. That is able to withstand pressure without swelling and so on. But my question is. Is that a good fix? Will it hold up or should I just buy new fuel lines ? The car runs great now and has good fuel pressure. But can I trust the rubber tube to hold in place?

        %d comments
        • Stain that is looking very good! And the floor itself is in good


        • Yes of course. I'm getting a feeling I should go through all the tubes and lines on the car while I work on it. It does have a small oil leak from the engine its just hard to see exactly where it is from might be a oil cooling tube or the oil pan. But its a very small leak. It's the size of a 1 dollar coin after it stands still for 2-5 days. It is normal for a 20 year old car. I got a lot of planning and cheacking to do because I don't want to get stuck meaning the car because old parts are giving up one by one. So I started from the suspension and bushings. Now I look for rust, bad electrics, tubes etc. It's an old car but it has a lot of complex parts and electrics. I'm not giving up my dream of restoring this car! It's not worth a whole lot of money but to me its worth more than money. Childhood dream

        • I spent $3000 on my engine...worth every penny

        uzmanlik sorusu — Bmw Forum Turkey

        uzmanlik sorusu:

        6 ay evvel aracima arkadan kucuk bi dokundular. sensorlere bisey olabilir diye rapor tutturdum ve sonra yetkili serviste kontrolleri yaptirdim. aracta cok kucuk bi ezik haricinde sorun yoktu ve borusan lokal yapmak istemediginden ve butun tamponu boyamak istediginden feragat dilekcesi vererekten araci yaptirmaktan vazgectim.

        sonrasinda concept car da sadece 1 karis 2 sensor arasi macunsuz tamir edilip boyandi. islem icin parayi cebimden verdim kayit kuyut yok.

        gecen hafta tramer mesaj attigimda '1 adet kazaya karismistir. carpisma 0TL' cikiyor.

        Soru basit. hata nerde ? ve bu kayit nasil sildirilebilir ?

        %d comments
        • 2010 model arabam sigorta deseki komple boyayayim arabani kabul ederim boyaninda bir omru war arac 9 yasina gelmis kus pisligi yag kum tas ws maruz kalmis komple boyansa ne guzel olur? Ama insanlar boyaliysa takla atmis der diye boyatmaz.. Komple takla atan araba sadece boyanarak kurtulmaz ha bunu anlamayan adamda ekime kadar anlamassa..

        • Sıfır tl yazmaz benim bildiğim... Çarpışma yazar sadece doğrumudur? Onu sildirmek de mümkün olmaz ama genelde küçük hasarları ifade eder bu tip ibareler.... Satarken hiç sorun olmaz...

        • Bence aracin hasarli resimlerni saklayabilirsiniz ama direk gostermeyin ufak yada biyuk kaza olsun. Sigortaya en iyi sekilde iyi bir serviste yaptirdiginiz zaman. Alici kisi arabayo serviste cehck up yapar. Yapilan islemi soyler sizde zaten ona gore bir fiyat bicersiniz istune resmini gosterirsiniz kazanin olur biter pert ise yari fiyati bi ufak boya ise piyasadan 2 3 bin tl altina vetirsin gider bu kadar basit bu is.

        Need new tyres No money to shell out for expensive brands where can I get... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

        Need new tyres. No money to shell out for expensive brands, where can I get decent cheap ones? Any recommendations?

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        • Tyreleader is the cheapest for top brands. Gonna a buy some new ones next year for the new alloys.

        • Ebay


        Simon Thomas shared 2ridetheworld's photo to the group: BMW GS EUROPE. — BMW GS EUROPE

        I'm curious, who here has ridden at above 10,000 feet? How high did you get? How did you feel?

        %d comments
        • Only arrived at 9200 feet in Italy

        • Colorado Rockies all I noticed was the stunning view!

        • Anders and I rode on 18,379 feet and Anders was fine but I felt a bit rough... kind of fainted just before we reached the peak... Would I do it again... yes of course :) And the BMWs was fine of course :)

        Apologies if this is well publicised guys but thought id post incase anyone... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

        Apologies if this is well publicised guys but thought id post incase anyone didnt know. Took my 2008 520d into douglas park bmw in glasgow today for a service. Was told worst case scenario is i wont get the car back till friday.

        I know well of issues with top and bottom timing chains and tensioners and i was of the knowledge bmw ignored the complaints and were even on watchdog about it. They told me its being checked today and worst case scenario is they will do both and the tensioners free of charge.

        Sometimes it actually pays to go yo main dealer as i didnt know they are now doing a recall and also the faulty rear bulb holders.

        So give it a try if you have the 2.0 diesel unit. Its bloody expensive when they go like on my old 320si

        %d comments
        • Don't want to scare you but a few people have had the "enhancement" and a few week later the chain snap! Mainly because they did an half arsed job and didn't change the bottom chain as it meant getting the engine out,sounds like they have learned now and held there hands up though so you should be ok.

        • ^^^^^ like I said, I think this will become a full recall, not being funny but general practice when messing with timing belts and chains is if it's a wearable item and your there working on the timing set up, just replace it, even nuts and bolts get replaced

        • Wee update folks...

          Engine was removed from the car today and its getting the lot. Both chains are stretched. All at their expense

        BMW SHOW SUNDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2015 — Modified BMW Owners Forum



        There's a postage charge of £2, please paypal to (while making payment please select option friends/family to avoid paypal rip off), then PM me your full address including post code.

        You can also collect yours from me if you wish, anytime between now and the 26th of September!

        Please note, all the rest of your tickets & stand passes will be handed out to you on the day by myself outside the gate between 6-7am, if you think you won't be able to collect by 7AM then please request for yours to be posted out. Thank you, Admin

        %d comments
        • Come tw3

        • We've sorted my postage Rahul yes ??

        • Right off to post office shortly.. Everyone who already have paid for postage will be posted out today '1st class recorded signed for' and anyone else who would like theirs posted please PM me before 10am.