Shopping around on install prices for downpipes. N54. and have ranges all over — BMW 335i

Shopping around on install prices for downpipes (N54) and have ranges all over. Best ones here:

1. Local well rounded shop that doesn't specialize in BMW's, but looked at the DIY video out on YouTube and says, doesn't look hard (never done a 335i), but will charge me 2 hrs time for a total of $160

2. Smaller Indy shop, but has done multiple 335i downpipes and wants to charge $300ish + because that's what the book takes.

I get the price difference, but wonder if I should go the cheaper route and have a good, but never done it shop, or leave it to someone that has already.

It seems like any mechanic could do this. Any thoughts?

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  • Yeah man, sounds good

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  • Installing dps is beyond easy lol just make sure u get vclamps so ur life becomes easier

  • be glad u don't have x-drive

Anyone on here mess with RC s any I m trying to hunt down a e46 m3 shell... — BMW M3 forum

Anyone on here mess with RC's any? I'm trying to hunt down a e46 m3 shell online for a 1/10 and can't

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  • Last I measured the wheel base was slightly longer as well since the whole body is a bit bigger You can tell the difference by where the wheel sits within the wells

  • Hmm, I have yet to even build the car, but I got it with the E30M body in mind initially, but may look into finding an E46M body to have an option in having a couple different mini-me's. Will have to measure things and figure shit out lol.

  • The 200mm bodies are way better anyways. You can fit the lowest offset wheels. Some of my bodies I have low offset wheels and spacers with extended shafts to make it fit lol

    If I recall, the 190mm bodies were more realistic though in terms of detail

Not a E90 but he s a specialist on BMW If any problems do not hesitate to... — BMW E90 E92 E82 Forum

Not a E90 but he's a specialist on BMW, If any problems do not hesitate to contact him, he will fix your BMW on his way

Crazy Codrin Alexandru :))

Share! ! !

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  • Vince Markov, thats how u do it, lol

  • One way or another. Cel puțin este o treaba buna

  • The romanian guys allways makes a good job...sau cei mai multi...

Any one knows what this MEMO button do. BTW its e36 1995. Thanks alot — Bmw 3 Forum

Any one knows what this MEMO button do !! BTW its e36 1995 ! Thanks alot ❤

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Just curious If I can do muffler delete or straight pipe in my m3 — BMW M3 forum

Just curious If I can do muffler delete or straight pipe in my m3?

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  • Hpf titanium muffler delete!!!!

  • I got the magnaflow cat back system and it sounds great and it only cost about $1100!

  • You can go straight pipe. A lot of track cars do. It will be loud though

I joined the BMW i3 nailed it club — BMW i3

I joined the BMW i3 nailed it club!

Thanks to everyone here I negotiated the tire road hazard warranty into my deal.

Great tire pressure warning had me at my Fort Myers service center, in a X1, & off to all the Florida Gulf shrimp I could eat in a lightning flash.

Great people; awesome service!

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    Evet ehliyet gidiyor sanirm elden. En son ki cezada kagidinda 15 puan yazmislar — Bmw Forum Turkey

    Evet ehliyet gidiyor sanirm elden. En son ki cezada kagidinda 15 puan yazmislar. Acaba bu kalan puan mi yoksa toplam puanmi... ve bu puan olayı kac yilda bir sifirlaniyor?

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    • Oylw yapalm dogru diyosun eser :)

    • Benim geçen sene tatil amacıyla gittiğim antalya da cam filminden dolayı ehliyetime el koydular son 15-20 kalmış benimde haberim yok ama artık e-devletten öğreniliyor

    • Yavsak birine denk gelmisin baska soz yok

    My Gopro and GPS mounting Thought some of you would be interested on where I... — BMW F800GS

    My Gopro and GPS mounting. Thought some of you would be interested on where I put them. The remote is under the GPS

    Yes I know the GPS is not waterproof so I tuck it in the tank bag when it rains. It is wired to the canbus so it turns off after a minute when key is off unless you want it to stay on. I like where I placed everything. No vibration on the gopro :) Gives you a visual of how it looks.

    I also used the little plastic piece that held the remote that it was shipped in, I just drilled a couple holes in it and tied it on.

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    • Upper position is better than ever... ;)

    • I have not tested the gopro on gravel Lambert Joubert but I will and report back.

      I have seen those GPS pouches, might pick one up.

    • Hey Lambert, I took the bike on gravel today and yes I did have vibration. I think I can do better, any suggestions on where to mount it. GSA

    Someone please tell me what s causing this moisture in my right headlight... — Bmw 3 Forum

    Someone please tell me what's causing this moisture in my right headlight , headlights are only a few months old

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    • So either the housing/dust cap is busted allowing moisture in or unfortunately they weren't sealed correctly and need to be redone. You'll have to scrape out all the old adhesive you used and then redo it. A heat gun or hair dryer can help soften it up to remove it.

    • Ok thanks man

    • No problem good luck!

    Hi guys got a little issue all my lights are flickering even with the stereo... — Bmw 3 Forum

    Hi guys got a little issue...all my lights are flickering even with the stereo and sub off, I've put a new alternator. Any pointers?

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    • Voltage regulator or battery would be my guess. A friend of mine had an older BMW and struggled with this very issue, we found out it was a voltage regulator. Wasn't very expensive

    • sometimes a problem with connectors that may have a bad connection too. or cheap wires trying to carry too much amperage.

    • if you have the xenon light then it should be the ballast

    Photos from Will Legge's post — BMW i3 UK

    Well today was the start of a 2 day loan of an i3 Rex. Supplied with full charge and full battery, I've driven 150 miles today over mixed driving and only used 2 miles of petrol! 2x quick rapid charges (15 mins each) and that was enough to see me through. Aircon on all day for obvious reasons! Ecopro mode good actually and air con not as bad as I was expecting.

    Overall impressions are great. Difficult to get it to loose charge! Really wanted to test Rex to see how it works and how noisy, so drove round for ages trying to get the battery flat!

    It has the parking pack which I tested the auto park on, useless. Would have kerbed the wheels if I didn't stop it. Camera good.

    Standard radio not as bad as everyone makes out.

    Satnav good, concierge service excellent! Used it to find a destination and they programmed my nav remotely. Very cool.

    DC rapid worked a treat both times. Tried to charge on AC at an ecotricity to no avail. Home charger seems slow.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

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    • Then program it into number 8 to save having to find it again!!

    • Ecotricity AC charger usually needs the "hold the plug up a bit when you press the Confirm button, until it locks" trick.

    • Rob - do you find that the case with CCS? I've yet to see it... I've heard it applied to AC, though I've never charged using AC on a "rapid" tethered charger, only a regular type 2 with my own cable. never needed a wiggle there either

    — BMW i3 UK

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    • Great picture. Which charger is this? Colin.

    • Crowell North I believe - a fairly local CCS to me, this was a loan demo car we tried when we were first starting to look. I didn't remember charging it on CCS to be honest but i obviously did...

    • Can't find it on map? Which motorway / direction is it

    BMW Prototype with Hydrogen Fuel Cell with 500 km range — BMW i3

    BMW Prototype with Hydrogen Fuel Cell with 500 km range

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    • They say evs "cannot be big and luxurious" ...

      Who are theses clowns! Haven't they heard of Tesla!!!

      And it's only 30 miles more range of a CURRENT Tesla! Whooo so impressive difference of range! And by the time it finally hit the market and there's any kind if decent infrastructures in only 2 markets dense enough in the world for it: CA and Japan the 800 kms Tesla will be humiliating that car all around the world and especially in places that will never see any h2 stations like 95% of the world!

      And have you seen the complexity of the first picture : good luck fixing this crap cheaply!

    • 1 kWh battery? No plug?


    • Please BMW a 500 km EV. Fuel cells, no thank you.

    I let it park itself but I did correct for the closeness to the car in front — BMW i3

    I let it park itself but I did correct for the closeness to the car in front. Not unhappy with the closeness to the curb! Great job!

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    • I don't trust it to not gash my rims so I only use it where there is little or no curb.

    • I haven't had it get too close yet.

    • Notice the distance from the curb the car behind the i3 is. I'm pretty sure that affects how close to the curb our i3s end up. Roll the dice.

    My work got a quote for a 93 kW solar. 270k. and battery system. 165 730 — BMW i3

    My work got a quote for a 93 kW solar ($270k) and battery system ($165,730) on the roof for a total of $435,730. In May we used 36,630 kWh of electricity. Based on the PVWatts Calculator a 93 kW solar system would have only produced 14,227 kWh....less than half what we needed for that month :/

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    • Well, it includes the cost of the inverters so maybe not that bad...

    • Edward Mendoza no, its pretty bad. Microinverters are nearly free these days.

    • Eric Johnanson, does anyone you know have a Sunelec system? Those prices are pretty good.

    Dead pixels in E39 M5 — BMW Forum Queensland

    Dead pixels in E39 M5

    How hard to DIY fix or is there somebody around Brissie that does them at a reasonable charge?

    She's talkin to me but I don't know what she's a sayin!!

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    • the other trick is drilling the holes in the dash to remove 4 screws

    • and no you cannot see them when they are back together

    • Thanks for the comments - might just pay auto sparky to do it - one that has done it before

    Then Now — BMW i3

    Then & Now

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    • We visited Thermal on this trip to scout it out. Saturday August 29th, is my one day M driving school at Thermal. I am very excited :) Hopefully I'll be able to convince an instructor to let me do a hot lap in the i8 at the end of the day.

    • Hmmm gee whiz I wonder if you know any instructors there.. Ahem... ;)

    • awesome!!!

    Does the i3 have any particular issues with Rolec tethered wall chargers — BMW i3 UK

    Does the i3 have any particular issues with Rolec tethered wall chargers? I've plugged the car in to my new 32A one tonight (never been used to charge anything before) and it says the car will be fully charged at 5:23am, and I plugged it in at 21:55. (starting with 6% SOC, I was testing the REX). The charge rates are set to maximum in the idrive, but surely this isn't charging at 32A is it?? Sounds more like 16A to me. Anything else I can check?

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    • Was your charger installed with an OLEV grant? If so there ought to be a second meter dedicated to the EVSE feed which sends usage data back to OLEV and that should accurately tell you how much power is being drawn (32A should be around 7KW).

    • Also, I have a 32A rolec tethered, no problems so far :) and yes it charges at proper rate (once current settings correct)

    • Oh and the low mains voltage message can be caused by the EVSE not communicating properly with the car during the pre-charge checks due to the Type 2 connector pins not all being in full contact. Try holding the plug "up" as the charge begins until you see the charging indicator turn blue, as some cables don't fully connect the top two pins due to gravity pulling them ever so slightly downwards. Once the charge is underway you should be able to release the cable and have it continue successfully.

    Thank you Derby Quang for letting me convert my old style round ring headlights... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

    Thank you Derby Quang for letting me convert my old style round ring headlights on your car to the new Precision Raceworks DTM style headlights. This is one beautiful car and was a blast to drive as well thanks for letting me get on her a bit and see what she will do!

    FYI I am still booked this week, one opening next week, booked the week after, and haven't started taking appointments for the week after that. So anyone wanting the best DTM/Raptor/F30 headlights anyone has ever offered I suggest making appointments sooner rather than later. I just went public and already have customers mailing headlights from other states. Only company/person offering rings that are bolt in and not glue/tape/zip tie in. Also only company offering both rings in the thick 3d look not one thin one thick, everyone said it was impossible but we did it!

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    • ^^^ me too me too!!

    • I'm also interested in doing my e90 Pre LCI. I'm mostly interested in getting rid of the devil amber corners.

    • Massage me I got a 2011 e90

    2008 BMW 328i coupe automatic transmission 130k miles. Runs and shifts perfect — New Jersey BMW Forum (NJBC)

    2008 BMW 328i coupe automatic transmission 130k miles. Runs and shifts perfect. All maintenance just done about 500 miles ago. Including valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket. Liqui Molly oil.

    Tires are nearly brand new run flats. Interior is mint!!!!

    Needs rear bumper and taillight. Also paint on hood and trunk. Gotta see it in person. Test drivers welcome with cash in hand. Accepting trades depending on what it is cash on top. Text or call 2019511478 or just message me. Haters will be ignored and buyers will be treated fair. I have all info you need please contact me. I'm looking to get $9800 but listening to offers.


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      Ok I was really low on fuel and driving very slowly in high gears but I never... — BMW GS EUROPE

      Ok,I was really low on fuel and driving very slowly in high gears, but I never expected a (theoretical) range of almost 760 km after filling the GSA up to the rim. I love my new baby!

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      • Love my gsa does everything ya want think it looks better than the G'S to

      • Do not feel my gsa heavier than my former gs lc.

      • No difference on the street, but once you go off-road you feel the weight...


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      • Nem csak az ember leleményes!?

      • Trop bien !

      • Brilliant

      iJDMTOY LED front turn signal on the right standard OEM bulb on the left — BMW i3

      iJDMTOY LED front turn signal on the right, standard OEM bulb on the left. I have no affiliation with them, just glad to have sound some error free bulbs after an ordeal with a Len eBay seller from China. I don't recall what I paid for them but Google for a coupon code to save some on them. More crisp, more orange, less yellow.

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      • Thanks Rich, it might have been a post of yours that gave me the confidence to try them out even though I think another owner had errors with their bulbs or one was defective, something like that. Wanted to share that they worked for me. While I didn't compare them side by side to the bulbs that didn't work from eBay, while installing them I realized they were in fact different. I was worried because initially they seemed to look the same. These only went in one way and must have resistors at the base because they seemed a bit longer once I got them out of the package and into the socket.

      • I did this mod too but remove them since they don't provide the same intensity as the factory bulbs. The LEDs are just in the wrong position to effecting reflect off the reflector.

        I can't recommend this mod since it does have some impact on safety.

        Hope to find a better fit soon.

      • It's still a flashing light, shouldn't be a problem. But to each their own.

      — BMW M3 forum

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      • these are the nicest wheels i've ever seen in my life

      • How much

      • Damn these are dope !!

      Only 551 i3s sold in June I think GA accounted for at least 10 of that — BMW i3

      Only 551 i3s sold in June - I think GA accounted for at least 10% of that: le-sales-report-card/

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      • I think it is low volumes of '14's moving, and no one willing to pay a premium for the '15's since there are deals on the '14's.

        BMW knows how to move the cars if they want to. So, the real answer must be "because for now at least, BMW is happy with these numbers."

      • No manufacture could possibly be happy with those numbers

      • Gas at $2.33 (in my area) and the short term memory of Americans (V8 muscle cars are all the rage around here, mainly female drivers too) . So what market does the i3 address? If you have the money, you buy a Tesla, and if you don' then you go Leaf unless you need a hybrid then the Volt. For me, Telsa was too big and an exspensive outlay for a car that I would mainly drive under 20 miles a day in rush hour traffic that might could compete with LA (40-45 minutes for 9.3 miles). The only time I get to zoom the i3 is at night when the roads are clear or on weekends and even then 0-45mph happens so fast you are left wanting to jump on an on ramp. My thoughts on it anyway.

      Thinking of buying black kidneys for my motor. Matt or Gloss — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

      Thinking of buying black kidneys for my motor.....Matt or Gloss???

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      • Orange

      • Oskar Bazela its a thing call

        fly-eye it still lets the light though but gives you the black look, it's cheap as well think it cost me £25 for the front and back lights fitted

      • Steve Yates Yates's Jetting ok - I've seen this fly-eye net but it's not really my thing. if weather lets me tomorrow then I'll take my back lights out and tint with normal window tinting film

      Hi guys I would happily hear your opinions about my headlights I have Bmw... — Bmw 3 Forum

      Hi guys... I would happily hear your opinions about my headlights. I have Bmw 2009 328xi. As well as my headlights are yellow, and I'm thinking to exchange them to either white or blue.... What do you think? Thank you ✋

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      • Do you have any idea about the changing color machine for the headlights? And thanks btw about the headlight number

      • Check your local laws if you go with the blue lights

      • Not fammilar with the changing light color machine but LUX does make a version that allows you to change colors. FYI, installing the bulbs can be a bitch, good luck!

      Heard a disturbing story today Apparently bmw are recalling some f800s on the... — BMW F800GS

      Heard a disturbing story today. Apparently bmw are recalling some f800s on the quiet as there's a major engine problem. On a long ride the oil somehow doesn't lubricate properly and the engine seazes. This has happened to someone my friend knows and it's a major strip down to fix the problem. £2500 fix. Luckily his was in warrenty

      Has anyone else heard of this problem?

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      • My friend is adamant that bmw Inverness told him it should have been recalled.

      • Let's wait for the report

      Starting July 10 early in the morning a trip of 15 16 days. Any suggestions — BMW GS EUROPE

      Starting July 10 early in the morning, a trip of 15/16 days! Any suggestions?

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      • 16 days is by far too short for such a trip.....and will end up in 'eating kilometers' instead of 'admiration of ancient and beautiful landscapes'....As Rok Zupančič already mentioned: you should take the coast roads in Croatia and Montenegro. Try to avoid the southern border in Moldavia (border formalities will stop you for at least a half day).......Good luck

      • You should also ride in the Apuseni Mountains from Romania. They are just north of your route. There are tons of details in this guide: and also a free track here:

        Transalpina or Transfagarasan are a must.

      • GS Europe: a big family! Although traveling alone, we know that there is some friend with us, a great help! I will take note of your comments, thank you all!

      Hi guys. new here. just bought a 3 series compact on an 01 plate — Bmw 3 Forum

      Hi guys. new here. just bought a 3 series compact on an 01 plate.

      when slowing down and changing down gears the engine completely cuts out. any ideas why?

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      • Does it idle normally? How & when does it cut out, when you press the clutch? Any lights on dash, while the engine is running normally?

      • It's fine when idling, just seems to be when using the clutch and dropping down gears when slowing down. engine cuts out and all power is lost.

        had a similar problem on an old car before where it would just cut out turned out the main earth cable had snapped . was fine once reconnected? likelyhood of it being that this time??

      • Cars
      • Mine has done the exact same lately, but not often. I would check maf. Hasn't done it since I changed spark plugs so my issue may be a bit different.