Its a test so far i love black 750. — BMW E38 forum

Its a test so far i love black 750 :-)

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  • Ooh hahah okidoki

  • Cars
  • Speaking english is no problem but the writing is sometimes is difficult to explain about a thing or if you have a issue

  • Any car shop sells a black licence plate frame ;)

Have tried waterless body clean. Front hood cleaned with it. Rear nothing done — BMW E38 forum

Have tried waterless body clean. Front hood cleaned with it. Rear nothing done. Sorry for bad quality. I would say cleans good, without scrarch, only some type of dirt. Doze provide a look of "polished" lacker. Rest you can see on the picture bellow.

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  • Did it once... car looks clean... untill the sun shines on it...

  • You know I think you are right. But it not from sun perspective. It just not worth the money. I payed 7 euro for 500ml spray. They stated that it will be enough to clean car 4-5 times. I assume 1.5 such botteles is enough for 1 car.

  • There are better options for this price.

Don t forget all club members receive a 10 club discount — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Don't forget, all club members receive a 10% club discount!!

We are looking forward to meeting some of you at the meet in July, and tuning some lovely cars.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us.

You can also check out our existing customer reviews on our likes page 0317660829615

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  • The main benefits of remapping a naturally aspirated engine are throttle response enhancements and flat spots smoothed out

    The Dyno is based just outside of tamworth Chris

  • Fuel consumption is dependent on driving style I.e normal/sensible driving with the correct remap method will see a general 10-12% mpg gains, if driven hard using high throttle loads then consumption will be more, this is because the added power side of the mapping is after 50% throttle valve angle, where fuel quantity and fuel pressure is around 6% higher then standard mapping, to match the extra turbo pressure so subsequently will use more fuel if in that area often.

    The dyno is a stationary road called a rolling road, used to see what a vehicle power is.


  • It is worth mapping a 545... i have been told they are not very tunable

Hallo zusammen habe folgendes Problem — BMW Compact E46

Hallo zusammen habe folgendes Problem

Mein compact hat bei Tempo 100 immer ein leichtes schlackern im Lenkrad habe keine Idee woran es noch liegen könnte....

Querlenker inklusive hydrolager und stabis neu gemacht, bremsen neu, felgen gewuchtet und auch gegen andere mal ausgetauscht.

Wurde auch neu vermessen aber nach wie vor immer leichtes schlackern wenn ich schneller oder langsamer fahre wird es weniger .....

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  • Dann in allen Felgen...Sache ist ja die, hab alle gewuchtet und geprüft aber haben nichts....Hab die felgen testweise auch auf nen coupe gehabt da ist nicht's deswegen schließe ich die felgen aus :/

  • Was für querlenker und hydrolager usw hast verbaut? Bey den verstärkten ist bekannt das da gern mal was vibriert. Ist bei mir auch etwas obwohl alles neu ist. Hab alles durch meyle hd ersetzt

  • Ja hab die von meyle drinnen die verstärkten

— BMW M Z3 Coupe Enthusiasts

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  • Min är en -00 å inte fan har jag kromringar?

  • Lustigt på min 2.8 som var en -00 så fanns det krom-ringar. Bilen var tillverkad i mars vet jag.

  • sitter kromringar på min iaf. min är uttagen -00

Me. excuse me is it possible to someone can move the X5 so I can charge my i3 — BMW i3

Me: excuse me is it possible to someone can move the X5 so I can charge my i3.

Salesman: sorry I'm busy making a sale but as soon as the person that owns that car is done, then we will move it.

Me: I'm sorry I thought that was a dealership car, based on the dealership plates and window sticker.

Salesman: you can ask anyone else to move the car.

Me: can I see the manager.

Alternate salesman: sure no problem I will move it now.

Not all sales people care about after sales.

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  • Once the BMW service dept closes and all we are left with is a bunch of sales staff, there is little to no hope to get any help. My experience is very negative with sales staff once the transaction is complete. Unlike Tesla and their Supercharger network, BMW appears to have zero interest in building a charging network based around dealerships. The few chargers that exist at dealers are only there to get vehicles serviced and sold.

  • Dwayne unfortunately BMW is at the mercy of their dealers. The ones that get it are doing pretty well selling i3s and customer care....we still all have a ways to go but is is much better than just a year ago

  • Slightly off topic but related to L2 proliferation. Why doesn't ChargePoint actively pursue partnerships with gas stations (yes, I said gas stations) to install L2's?

    The gas station footprint is well established and this would enable the likes of Exxon/Mobil to siphon a bit of money off the nascent EV industry. It's not like they won't still be selling gallons and gallons of gas.

    Heck, I could pop in to fill my REX tank and then do an electric top off while I'm there.

Mod of the day. Dual oil cooler retrofit oilcooler e92 335i n54 bmw — BMW 335i

Mod of the day: Dual oil cooler #retrofit #oilcooler #e92 #335i #n54 #bmw

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  • Run a bleed cycle

  • Gonna do that and bleed the clutch. By June it should feel like a whole new car

  • Do you have JB4 on your car? I am currently having engine fan electric signal error where engine fan do not kick in and raising oil temps

— BMW M3 forum

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  • Nice!

  • Damn that sounds good

  • Oooo I'm hating so hard right now lol. I have no one to film my smoke sessions

Every once in a while I get the massage engine malfunction But when i start my... — BMW 335i

Every once in a while I get the massage engine malfunction. But when i start my car minutes later its gone and i won't get it back for a while. Car drives fine, nothing sounds funny. What may be the cause of this? Also no codes come up. This has been going on for about a month.

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  • Thanks Jose Gonzalez ill give that a try.

  • Nick Goreski did you fix the problem? if so what was it. i have the same issue. i turn my car off and its all back to normal.

  • i had to change out the thing the vanos plugged into.. not everyone has the same problem thought. best advice is get it professionally looked it.

— BMW 335i

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  • Lol Jonas Avalos. Nothing to cry about my friend I have warranty which cover until 2016 bumper to bumper and 2018 for all engine fault.

  • Ok mann (hehe i finally get to do it to someone else)

Im in the middle of changing glow plugs an the second from the front wont go in — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

Im in the middle of changing glow plugs an the second from the front wont go in! Its too tight, ive got it half in but i darnt tighten it any more! Will it be ok half in? An the control unit, how the hell do i get to that? Too many pipes in way!

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  • Looking at the plug its both, thread looks crushed and looks like theres alloy on it.

  • Two ways you could look at it, try another plug and if it works great if it doesn't the damage has already been done. Or get it to a garage and get them to fix it before anything worse happens.

    If you do manage to get a plug in and Depending on which no. plug it is.. it may still start and drive fine.

    If you do attempt it DO NOT over tighten it. It will now be prone to damaging the block further. Only tighten it enough to sit securely.

  • Oops. Ive just put it back in an tightened it up tight! Its staying where it is an im gonna hope for the best! Ive checked the old glow plugs cus im normaly steady with my work, yep 1 had a crushed thread!

Biz daha alsak mı. Almasak mı. Diyelim — Bmw Forum Turkey

Biz daha alsak mı? Almasak mı? Diyelim...

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  • Cabrio bambaşka yaa ama aile var alamiyoruz yoksa ben kesin bundan alirdim

  • Cok iyi.

  • Demekki neymişşş bu araç ile yağmurlu havalarda 110 ve üstü hızlarda üstünü açıp ıslanmadan gidebiliriz:p:))

Freshly cleaned and detailed. — Modified BMW Owners Forum

Freshly cleaned and detailed :-)

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  • Mate, she doesn't just look pretty... One of the best look e46s I've seen...

  • Thanks dude. I'm told that a lot. I love the attention it attracts. Gets good compliments from young and old. Had it at a hot rod and custom bike show last week and it even got attention there too :-)

  • That doesn't surprise me in the slightest!! A very tasty car...

Attachment Unavailable — BMW E60 SOCIETY

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    Will a 265 30zr19 fit on the rear of a 08 335i sedan — BMW 335i

    Will a 265/30zr19 fit on the rear of a 08 335i sedan?

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    • Cool thanks.

    • I have a 285/30 zr 20 on Breytons without any changes at the original settings they fit without scratching altough mine is a 335i E93 convertible 08 , it should fit for you to ... But i would consider to keep in mind that a 30 is very hard on the road every hole in the rode feels like riding into a canyon ...

    • If 9" do a 275...

    There s not a lot of people here for BMW street drive event They have from... — BMW forum 135i 335i 535i 550i

    There's not a lot of people here for BMW street drive event. They have from 750il down to the i3. Come out and test drive em all!!! I think the auto crosses and teen drives are full tho

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    • Ill drift the fuck out of all those cars

    • They were filming some b roll with the new m3 drifting all over the place!!

    • Fuh they should have me driving those cars driftin them

    Went for a nice drive in this gorgeous weather. Picked up a miltek backbox — Modified BMW Owners Forum

    Went for a nice drive in this gorgeous weather. Picked up a miltek backbox. Also met a m3cutters forum member with the same e46 m3 lsb. Coupe and vert.

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    • Dan Mccallum

    • Make sure you got replacement gaskets. Did you check your exhaust clamps are not corroded as well?

    • Yh already got gaskets and clamps are fine.

    Hei — BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 Norge


    Har nettopp hatt bilen min på verksted og skiftet bunnpannepakning og toppdekselpakning pga lekkasje. Fikk igjen bilen og nå kommer det blå røyk under kjøring.

    Hva kan det være?

    Har en 320i 2007 mod

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    • Er røyken blå, skyldes dette som oftest uforbrent drivstoff eller olje i eksosen

    Wanted to share my dash cam install as I ve been working on this for several... — BMW i3

    Wanted to share my dash cam install as I've been working on this for several months now. The model is E-Prance Mini 0803 and has been replaced by model 0806 which I will probably upgrade to eventually. I had originally had this on the upper windshield but was not happy with the picture being partially blocked by the Kafas camera console that extends down the center of the windshield so I moved it onto the console itself and has a much better perspective. I do not recommend the 0803 as it has some cooling/battery heat issues. Click the pics for more details. Full reviews can be seen here:

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    • Sal Cameli - did you buy the K1S? Where have you put the control box? Everywhere I've put mine it is either knocked off by passenger's feet or doesn't hold properly because of the tension from all the leads.

    • Bev Brown you can try using the ProClip holder for the i3. This holder can be easily used with the K1S holder bracket: /bmw/i3/2014.cmsv

    • Cool

    — BMW i3

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    • Mary is that the old one? It looks exactly like my 0803

    • Yes it is the 0803

    Finally the weather is nice here After installing my JB4 I started getting... — BMW 335i

    Finally the weather is nice here. After installing my JB4 I started getting misfires under WOT in high boost so I checked the codes and I was misfiring on cylinder 6. Installed NGK plugs and BOSCH coil packs and tested it a bit, looks like it is cleared up. I wonder how much BMW charges for how easy that job is.

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    • Bmw wanted to charge me 150 to change one spark plug, when I was on a road trip near El Paso.

    • Ouch ^^

    • Bout 540 for 6 stupid plugs on a 535 so I'd imagine similar.. Per BMW here in town

    I am curious about software updates How do you get notified that you are due... — BMW i3 UK

    I am curious about software updates. How do you get notified that you are due an update and do you have to go into the garage for it or can you do it via the USB port?

    I took delivery of my i3 in January, is anyone aware of an update since then?


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    • Something like that Nigel Jones the older limit had high watermarks built in that even if it was predicting a larger range it would still show the same upper limit - at least thats how I understood it from the discussions that have been had on various forums (I lost track) the predictor was also improved to factor weather better at the same time.

    • I usually get 95 miles between charges (with about another 5 miles before possible rex kick-in). every morning I get in and it indicates 86 mile range though.

      Drive everywhere in eco pro+ though, just to make my day

    • After the freak 25-30% drops in estimate a few seconds after moving off that happened 10 days ago en route to Luton airport, then back again a few days ago, mine is back to normal, 84 miles estimated in EP fully charged yesterday, which looked about right after 3 separate drives totalling about 55 miles. Bizarre.

    Anyone got any ideas Was doing about 20 at constant throttle for speed bumps... — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

    Anyone got any ideas. Was doing about 20 at constant throttle for speed bumps and the started being silly and kangaroo hopping. Its a 2007 lci 535d. It only had 30 miles left on tank. Was fine in normal drive and is fine in sport now. Any ideas anyone

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    • In my experience it's the MAF that causes that dude. If you were on very light throttle and the MAF is on the way out, it'll kangaroo as it struggles to read how much air is coming in and the car doesn't know how to calculate the fuel properly. They're not expensive.

    • Got to be Bosch though.

    • Ok. Was fine on normal drove though was just sport mode for about a second until I shifted back to drive

    Noen som har byttet et sånt luft filter før. Hvordan gjør eg det. Mvh anders — BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 Norge

    Noen som har byttet et sånt luft filter før? Hvordan gjør eg det? Mvh anders

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    • Oki :)

    • Eg tro kanskje eg har sett feil når det gjelder luft filter, Eg trodde ikke var innebygget. Men eg har kjørt bilen ca 7000 km siden eg kjøpe den.kan eg vente med bytte det da?

    • Eller må eg bytte med en gang?

    I was optimistic today to swap out my snow tires from my Tera 428 wheels and re... — BMW i3

    I was optimistic today to swap out my snow tires from my Tera 428 wheels and re install the all season tires. Optimistic perhaps because its snowed the last two days here in Denver! When I picked up the car the orientation of the wheels was different front to back which prompted me to get either the front or rear swapped side to side. When I checked online I was surprised to find that most pictures have them oriented with the angle of the windvane pointed rearward. I noticed on the current build page of BMWUSA they have reversed the orientation on most of the colors (but not all!). The White and ionic silver have the old orientation and all the other colors now have the windvane pointed forward. I went with the original orientation and don't think I have a preference, either way! Others?

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    • Hi Ron Davis. The regen is only less dramatic when you pull your foot 100% off the pedal at a high speed now. After my KLE repace and software update (I have not had the March update) I could feel that the car now has a more intelligent regen, controlled by your foot, more like a rheostat which allows you to "coast" (white line in middle) more effectively. The regen now feels different, but it is much more sophisticated and accurate. I think we all should be happy for this change to our ultimate driving machines.

    • Always backwards.

    • Top picture correct. Bottom picture wrong. Dealers getting it wrong.

    15 minutes can save you 150 or more on giga floor mats I wanted an inexpensive... — BMW i3

    15 minutes can save you $150 or more on giga floor mats! I wanted an inexpensive floor mat solution without it looking super cheap. You can get both front and rear mats from one $12.00 piece if you cut carefully. I think it turned out ok...

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    • Great job! We have the BMW all-weather mats but this is a lot more subtle.

    • Nice! My hubby did that for ours too. Coz light grey + kids' shoes = not a good combo!

    • Love it!

    — BMW i3

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    • Works like a charm

    • Thanks Will... I have a bissell steam cleaner and am going to clean them up good when I get a chance, but I honestly prefer the look to the stock black ones on the newer i3's/REX giga's.

    • i keep stock mats! i tend to want to enjoy the products the way they are!!! i have covers and coats, who's gonna then enjoy the,? the person that buys them fro me? why?

    Can anyone give me a idea of the power increase if I remap my 520d and cost — BMW e60 e61 Owners Forum UK

    Can anyone give me a idea of the power increase if I remap my 520d and cost

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    • How are you supposed to know when you buy the car?

    • exactly, as i said i dont know if its true, it may be just scare mongering tactics

    • Blend map will gain 30-35 bhp 60 nm torque

    Can anyone do arch rolling pulling on here — BMW Southwest Forum Uk

    Can anyone do arch rolling/ pulling on here?

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    • Or, for £20 you can use the workshop for an hour (or more if required) one evening this week.

    • Ok mate, i'll have a think about it. I'm not entirely sure that rolling the arch will be enough. Ive got m3 alloys on an e46 coupe non-m3. So the alloys have a very low offset at the rear. It looks like a roll would sort the problem out, but a 2nd opinion would be good.

    • Screw it, lol. Pete Rockey, When would be a good time to pick up the tools? I need them on Sunday, and i'll have them back as soon as i'm finished with them

    Merhaba arkadaslar grupa yeni katildim aracimda bu alali 2 gun oldu hepinize... — Bmw Forum Turkey

    Merhaba arkadaslar grupa yeni katildim aracimda bu alali 2 gun oldu hepinize saygilar :) 116i 2009 m paket 36000km :))

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    • gule gule kullanin kazasiz belasiz

    • Cok tessekurler arkadaslar hepimize kazasiz belasiz surusler inş..

    • Benden de hayırlı olsun:)