ok so I removed the front seat air guides for intake air pipes left and right...

ok, .... so I removed the front seat, air guides for intake air pipes, left and right, complete cover of fuel tank, left bottom side panel, left radiator cowl, left side panel, inner trim for left side panel, right bottom side panel, right radiator cowl, the right side panel, inner trim for right side panel, adjusting plate, complete intake air silencer, fuel tank, air guide for oil cooler, disengaged seat support, left and right intake air pipes, front brake hose, and released the pressure modulator and finally found my defective strut to replace it with a new one……….. who said open-heart-surgery is difficult ????

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  • Motorized screw drivers are your friend! :-)

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  • Very true.... they are

  • Gerard van Diepe je bent er maar druk mee

  • Zeker weten...ik ben er weer een ervaring rijker door

  • Zit jij nog weleens in Zuid-Frankrijk?

  • And wrote all that in English! Is there an end to your talents? Well done that man!

  • Yes

  • I believe the hardest thing is paying for the new strut.

  • Zuid-Frankrijk, nee

  • I have a huge gap in my bank-account now, true!

  • I did a front and rear upgrade to Wilburs, on top of a major service, after riding to the other side of the country to do it. That hurt the wallet.

  • sure, there is allways an end, did'n't find it yet where it is, but I am sure there is

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  • Piece of cake for a handyman...