Ok guys so I took your advice and ordered the JB4 should arrive end of this...

Ok guys so I took your advice and ordered the JB4 :) should arrive end of this week! Yippeeeeee! So when using the JB4 (I have an auto tranny) should I always put the car in DS and then change the map to whatever map I want to use? Or can i change the map and still leave the car in D mode?

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  • if you are going to drive aggresivly regardless of tuning YES u put it in DS.....but DS changed shifting points and throttle responce......JB4 is controlling boost and only boost (in simple terms)

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  • JB4 will work great no matter if your gear selector is in D or DS. Put your shifter in DS when you are planning to spirited drive.

  • zAIN u cheeky basterd, YOU are trolling, my ged m8 quit it.

  • dude I am not trolling i swear to God. I am just new to all this stuff hence why I ask a lot of questions

  • transmission is not the motor and motor is not the transmission....if this was a manual it would be like someone who floors it and shifts early vs someone who gradually throttles and shifts late

  • wat is the question. ???

  • all u need to know is this:

    -install JB4

    -Put map 1 (assume u are not bolt ons)

    -Use 93 or better

    -Drive fast

    -upshift it around 6000-6200 RPM

    -say wow m fast

    -get bored

    -Add all the bolt ons

    -add e85

    -Map 7


  • ^ that is actually exactly what will happen and you should really save that post to your desktop

  • Daniel Smith nutzo comment love it

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  • Doesn't matter. I usually stay on one map but if need be, you can change on the fly. Try to get a habit of doing it in P