Offers? Genuine m3 staggered 7.5/8.5j style 24's.

Offers? Genuine staggered 7.5/8.5j fresh refurb in antrahrite grey. Not been fitted since. New bagdes and m stickers.

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  • What size are these

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  • 17" staggered 7.5j front/8.5j rears

  • I think mine are std 18s would this look stupid with 17s

  • What car have you got (year and model?)

  • I have a 2005 2.2l 320 auto petrol.

  • I've seen my wheels on an e46 which is your model. Most e46 had either 17's or 18's which were an option i believe.

    Look good but it's your own preference.

  • Would look good on yours John Barrow as yours is black so would stand out more.

  • Cant click on the pic to blow it up but they do look great.

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