Offers? Genuine m3 staggered 7.5/8.5j style 24's.

Offers? Genuine staggered 7.5/8.5j fresh refurb in antrahrite grey. Not been fitted since. New bagdes and m stickers.

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  • I know mate, planned to fit them but selling my car for a e46 so need to move on.

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  • Keep me posted if they go or not pal i cant really afford so will watch this maybe by the time someone throws a decent bid on them il know if I'm in or out just being straight they are beautiful and would look good on my e36

  • Will do mate.

  • Pmd you Jon

  • Last price

  • Was this because he posted on your ad earlier

  • Ash Bowers this is the colour I want mine done

  • They are nice. Keith Hawkridge what you think of the colour. Jon Simpson where did you get the badges etc from?

  • Look so wrong on an e46

  • I agree they look shit on e46 but for some reason they really suited my one series

  • Post a pic up

  • Mind me asking where you got the centre caps and m badges from?

  • Look the part,I know what ya thinking

  • What am I thinking

  • whats anyone thinking thats the question

  • I think I know therefore I know not

  • Is this still available?

  • Yes!!!

  • Yes

  • The place who refurbished them put the caps and badges on

  • Mate those are awesome

  • Wrong time of year for me otherwise I'd put a bid in

  • Conor Smyth spray yours this colour

  • When I let them get dirty, they go that colour

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  • Bump