Odd question

Odd question..

I have a two door with central locking and just had to reassemble my lock on the drivers side as it snapped a couple of weeks back.

When you turn the key to lock it is it supposed to go back vertical or (the case with my car) click over into what i belive is deadlock mode where the key stays horizontal..

Everytime i go to lock the car it clicks over on the spring into deadlock before the door pin goes down. it does lock just fine at the moment with not much effort. I just always thought it only went horizontal if you turned it extra after the car is already locked.

Hope somone can work out what im trying to say not sure if the latch needs soaking in oil. Thanks in advance!

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  • Ryan.. No one loves me :'(

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  • You are correct in the locking mech does go vertical before deadlocks are enabled ok

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  • Thank you!