Newly upgraded head unit Pioneer DEH 80PRS one of the only head units that...

Newly-upgraded head unit. Pioneer DEH-80PRS, one of the only head units that doesn't have a pause button. What gives? Fortunately, it sounds tremendous!

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  • Chris, they're all different, though. This replaced a Kenwood Excellon KDC-X994, and blows it away in almost every regard (save for the pause button issue). The KDC was more robust than the Alpine CDA-9884 it replaced, too. Of course, that Alpine was better than the CD-43 as well (with the right amp and speakers).

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  • David Bergesen Not sure of your full set up, but am assuming you used the OE wiring harness. If so, did you find a connector adapter (pig tail) to which you could solder the new head unit connections?

  • It's through menu > function

  • Christopher, Metra (or Schosche?) harness adapter has 'loose' wires that connect (splice, solder, or whatever your preferred wiring solution is) to the wires of the HU's harness, and then uses a 'matched' harness end to plug into the BMW harness. I use RCAs to provide signal to an Alpine amp.

  • Gary, yes, BUT... it takes three clicks of the M.C. button, and only if you have the first click aligned to *Function* and the second click aligned to *Pause*. Otherwise it's click, turn, click, turn, click.

    I have to pass multiple security checkpoints on a daily basis, and prefer to simply hit one button - without looking - to pause. So not a deal breaker at this point. HU produces exceptional sound.

  • Thanks for that info. I sold a HK (Becker) Traffic Pro that came with the car and put in a CD 43. Without thinking I included the adapter. BTW - no idea why some folks still get excited about the Traffic Pro. I guess in 2000 it was cool to have the GPS in the head unit but the audio section was not very desirable.

  • I prefer the factory 4 pipe sound idea why they mounted it under the rear bumper...but I just crack the roof and control volume with my right foot ;-)

  • Spot on Chad Sorrell. Unfortunately there are times when I need to drive on the interstate for the better part of a day and having good audio is pretty nice. That said, it's a small price to pay to go meet up with my brothers at things like Schuh Syndikat

  • Gary and all - I found a trick!!! It is possible to pause by hitting the *BAND* button! This is not in the manual at all. I think the BAND button is supposed to switch between the two USB inputs - my second USB input is turned on but not connected to a device, so I need to confirm if this still works with the second port disabled. But F-YEAH! One-touch pause!

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  • or you could use a hammer