New wheels I was going to buy X6 wheels but I wasn t sure wether they fit or...

New wheels! I was going to buy X6 wheels but I wasn't sure wether they fit or not , but then I've found this one , they're much better

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  • Havnt really got any better pictures than those

  • If you know the et of your rims I could roughly work out what mm spacers you would need

  • They look great! I'll find out what the size of the rims and let you know

  • I think e60 fitment is like et18-22 some1 will correct that I'm sure. But for instance if your alloy is et40 a 20mm spacer will make it et20

  • have you got any wheels for sale Nabil?

  • No sorry Martin Higgß , my old one were rubbish

  • I gave them away

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  • Style 128, v.nice