Need some help here. In the past week I ve been having some issues with the car

Need some help here. In the past week I've been having some issues with the car. First thing that happened was when my wife was driving the car, she stated that the lights on the cluster started flashing and the car started losing power. So she parked it and once I got to it I checked the battery and noticed that it was purchased in 2012. So I went ahead and purchased a battery and registered the battery with Carly. The car started fine for about 2 days and then the red battery light indicator turned on with a charging malfunction message. Took the vehicle to a shop and was told that the alternator was bad. Had the issue addressed, drove the car home and now it won't start. When I hit the ignition button it clicks but nothing else. I attempted to jump the vehicle and nothing. I also tried to reregister the battery and still nothing. Pulled codes but can't seem to find much info about it. Unfortunately the shop doesn't open back up until Monday or I would of taken the car back today. Any ideas what it could be?

07 335i

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  • bring it back to the shop

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  • Unfortunately they don't open back up until Monday.

  • Bad starter? Are you using Carly to pull the codes? Does Carly read ABS codes? I've got an ABS light and need something to pull that code.

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  • The app states that it does