My E90 with H R suspension and staggered 18inch TSW wheels

My E90 with H&R suspension and staggered 18inch TSW wheels.

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  • H&R springs?

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  • And on stock shocks?

  • I got springs and shocks. Ordered on tirerack

  • Looks great!! How's it ride?

  • Once I took the stock wheels and run flats off it actually rides really smooth. Before that it was harsh, but local dealer had some cheap Kuhmo run flats they put on to sell it. So I'm sure the tires had a lot to do with it. I'm running Continental DW summer tires and they are really nice and quiet with a nice ride. Definitely recommend these wheels and tires. Changed the ride completely. The suspension can be a little bouncy on a rough road. But 90% of the time it's like stock and handling is great.

  • Looks nice man

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  • Looks good! My e90 Xi on 19s