Morning all

Morning all

Does anyone know anything about goin backwards/in reverse slowly with your handbrake up will adjust your rear brake shoes?? Or is it a bolt out job nd adjust with a screwdriver??


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  • This is correct, reverse slowly and jam it up and it adjust :)

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  • Richard A Salkeld did u try this

  • Bolt out and screw driver. Hand brake handle inside has automatic adjuster also

  • Tried it!! Couldn't tell, but my hand brake already only goes up a few notches anyway, drivers side still a bit sticky!?

  • Ive tried it but dont feel no different do u have to go really slow??

  • I reversed at walking pace and really ripped it then a few short ones after. Worked for me anyway lol

  • When you drive slowly with handbrake up it clears dirt from drums and shoes only no adjustment done that way!

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  • So its wheel nut out Nd screwdriver job Arūnas Arunas