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Need some advice.

This is for the e46 m3. Car has been parked up since november. A new battery which was 6 months old fitted. It had not been driven and not started for a 2 months. Battery died and when i came back to start it. It would not. This was in january

So jump started it. It started and let it run for 10-20 minutes. Drove it up and down the road too. Switched it of and tried to start it again. Would not at all. Dash lights would flicker.

Changed the battery to a bosch one from ECP. Started straight away.

Came back this weekend. Tried to start it and it wont start. So decided to jump start it again and drive it up and down the road. Let it run for 15 mins again. Switched it off and it wont start again.

Checked the Volts on it and it was 13.3 volts while running. Will check it now how it is with out the car running.

Got warrenty on the battery. Car will be moved to coventry, end of the month. So will be used more often.

Anyone know the cause. Starter motor has been replaced in september. Thinking it could be the alternater.

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Photos from Andy Guyett's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum

For sale : Bilstein B14 kit for E36, front and rear. Front struts and springs never fitted to car, rear springs and dampers fitted but covered less than 50 miles!

Front struts are height adjustable but not to the same extent as coilovers - this will allow fine tuning of the spring rate and a little change in ride height.

Advertising these for a friend of mine. The rears are still fitted to his car currently but will be removed by next weekend. The fronts are boxed in my garage... Any questions, please ask.

Asking £450 or VERY near offer. These are still being sold for near 700 so someone will get a bargain.. COLLECTION ONLY!

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    Photos from Danielle Croft's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum


    For sale 325 ci BMW msport

    138k on the clock

    Has Aircon, electric windows, cruise control, steering wheel controls, parrot hands free

    Sitting on AP coilovers,

    Smoked rear lights

    All tyres are nearly new

    Recently been serviced

    New battery and alternator fitted recently

    Some previous service history

    Has been wrapped blue but under neath Imola red, apart from the drivers door and sill which is gold, also front bumper may need respraying

    Comes with standard wheels

    Doesn't come with private reg

    Has been well looked after but recently has been took of the road due to buying a new car

    -Needs handbrake shoes and a 4 wheel alignment

    £1400 ONO

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      Started a small project. Which i have done before. Been planning to do it since i got the white e36.

      As i already got a e46 m3 with cinnamon interior(genuine). I wannted to try do the same with the e36. As the only option is a tan interior. Which is rare.

      Decided to get the interior dyed. Bought the dye from a company i have used before. Used them to dye another interior before. Also used there kit to restore the laguna seca blue seats i have too.

      So took the e36 black interior out and started the process. I have done the rear section. Will get more pics when the rest is done. Here is a small idea of what i have done.

      E36 coupe black interior to cinnamon.

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        Beware of fraudster: He asked for a deposit for all the items he sells and i believe nothing will come out of it and you will not receive your item, he was selling me m3 mirrors for 100 quid , after some research, i can see that he was running a scam, share please to everyone,

        the dickhead was so adamant to get his deposit last night that he even wanted me to call my bank at 1am in the morning as i could not send money or deposit through to his paypal or bank account, when my money was not able to be processed to him and he kept harassing my with phone calls and giving me sob stories, i did some research under his profile , there was another lady who was a victim but thankfully there where tale tale signs that made his sale too good to be true,

        beware and pass on

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          Can I get a roll call of all our active members?

          Where you are

          What you drive

          And what you do for a living

          I'm from London

          Drive a E46 M3 also have a dirty 520d f10 as my daily

          And currently I'm working for connect group as a distribution manager. Planning and working on setting up my own business soon as I am sick and tired of working for someone else!!

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            ok so had issues with mates vert roof he acident press open button it unlocked... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

            ok so had issues with mates.vert roof he acident press open button it unlocked as they do then it stoped so we just used the Allen key to wind it shut now red light flashes all time ...ok so we decided to manually open it we got it back I pressed the release button between back seats to unlock the hood cover only one side unlocked we slightly pry the other catch and it poped up so we put roof in the compartment ... issue now top cover won't lock on that side it didn't open so we closet he roof manual as it won't auto close but does open .... am I right in thinking it won't auto close as the cover not locking i5 hasn't completed the fully open cycle.. at a loss

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              I ve kept quiet for a very long time but now now I m done with being quiet... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

              I've kept quiet for a very long time.... but now.... now I'm done with being quiet and walked over..... so I bought this M3 from East Kent Performance with the knowledge and confidence that it was a mint car (what the salesman said), he even took it upon himself to "replace the pump motor so I won't have any problems at all" after months and months of countless SMG issues and getting the car back claiming it was sorted my warranty ran out and he cancelled the extended warranty he gave me out of good will because I decided to write to him formerly. End of November the SMG completely gave way, no forward drive at all. I had to get recovered from Guildford to Hayes to BW chiptune. Turns out..... needed a new clutch, new fly wheel, and all the auxiliaries (clutch forks sprigot bearings, absolutely everything), as these were near gone by the previous owner, the SMG unit was fucked, so I've had to fork out for another SMG unit (of which BW Chiptune tested, and surprise surprise the replacement SMG unit works), and a new ECU! Plus all the labour charges and time spent on programming and teaching the car to change gear again.

              Total bill:£3400

              After the whole of December and half way through January (so 6 weeks) I can finally get my car back tomorrow and hopefully try and enjoy it.

              Well done east Kent performance, you have royally fucked me over... all this supposed work you done on the car.... all shit.... so well done, I have nothing to my name

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                Photos from David Hughes's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                Just had my new t08 wide screen unit installed with reverse camera and 1080p HD dash camera by dean Harrison , absolutely astonishing sound quality and head unit its insane crystal clear clarity full eq amp control with lovely bass, amazing wide screen movies, I haven't even got my sub connected yet but he wired it all up ready for me , looks extremely sleek and lovely diamond cut edged fascia , unit is fast on transitions between apps being android extremely easy to use and works flawlessly via WiFi and Bluetooth for screen monitoring , music and handsfree with my iPhone 6 . dash cam shows true quality along with crystal clear reverse camera , very very impressed all round once again dean has pulled off a great professional install ,

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                  Photos from David Deividas's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                  For sale OEM Bmw Performance seats with brackets from e46 ///M

                  Should fit and e9*

                  £3800 ONO

                  Nothing is better at conveying the ultimate feel of sitting in a sports car than a modern sport seat. As well as offering the safety and comfort of a standard seat, this lightweight bucket seat also has an impressive sporty design.

                  The BMW Performance sport seat is designed with the sporty driver in mind, Its light but robust bucket design offers optimum side support and comfort. Overall the sport seat is even lighter than the standard seat. The backrest can be folded forwards and has an easy entry function. The seat can be set to two different heights using a perforated plate. It also features seat heating and a side airbag.


                  - Modern sport seat made from lightweight buckets (~10lbs lighter than stock seats)

                  - Very sporty design coordinated with BMW and other Performance parts

                  - Very good side support combined with high level of comfort

                  - High standard of safety thanks to integrated side airbag

                  - Lower structure similar to that used in race cars

                  - Two different heights and two different angles using perforated plate

                  - BMW Performance logo on backrest

                  - Developed and produced by Recaro

                  - Seat heating can be connected to an existing control unit

                  - Made using black Alcantara & black leather

                  - Fits E90/E92 M3 and E82 1M

                  Package Includes:

                  Seats equipped with heating, side airbags, belt tensioners and seat rails. (QTY2)

                  All seats are imported from Germany via air freight. Approximate lead time is 7-10 business days

                  Custom upholstery and paint work available at an additional cost. Please contact an IND representative for more information.

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                    Guys had a problem today with my e46 — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                    Guys, had a problem today with my e46...

                    Summarising what happened:

                    - alarm went off for 30min without reason

                    - Both keys didn't work using the buttons

                    - putting the key in the keyhole doesn't turn neither side, and doing it "harder" feels like the key will snap (both keys tried)

                    - after 15min trying i went to the back and tried to open the boot window (touring) by pushing the key and it open it

                    - after opening the rear boot window the keys (both) worked to open and close the car via buttons (still doesn't open nor close from the keyhole)

                    - when opened the car tried to start it and it started first time with no hesitation.

                    - the plug under the bonnet is already disconnected (was disconnected from when I bought the car)

                    - the car battery is fine (checked with tester)

                    - both keys' batteries are fine

                    - when the alarm was going off wasn't continuous, but making sound and lights for few min, then turning off, then again. During the few seconds of break the parking lights were on (the switch is on OFF position)

                    Only change lately done was the new stereo (android double din) and didn't give any problem for a week after I mounted it.

                    This happened only today.

                    Any idea or help please? Cheers!

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                      Gearbox gremlin today 330ci auto while sitting still in Drive the gear cog... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                      Gearbox gremlin today.. 330ci auto, while sitting still in Drive, the gear cog appeared and it went into safe mode locked to 4th gear, reverse and neutral were working fine. Shut the car off and started again it was all back to normal. Scanned it and came up with code p0721 which is related to some speed sensor but could also be related to low voltage. Cleared the code and drove the car for the evening and it has no issues. I haven't driven the car for a few days and yesterday only done short drives with a lot of listening to loud music which draws a bit of power I'd imagine. Anyone had this issue? I'm putting it down to the battery being a bit low on juice but only time will tell.

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                        How to get rid of airbag light It s caused by occupancy seat mat Resistor... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                        How to get rid of airbag light. It's caused by occupancy seat mat. Resistor doesn't work even though I bought from exactly same seller as people when it helped and it looks OK inside.. I have no ideas and need to get it done ASAP as MOT already ended.

                        Or maybe someone from Northampton fancy borrowing me a seat to do the mot lol?

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                          Alright guys — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                          Alright guys.

                          please can someone help me on this,

                          I seem to be having an unrealistic amount of trouble installing inpa and NCS

                          I seem to be able to get Inpa 'sort of' working with some features working but not all.

                          NCS just throws up all sorts of errors (usually Vin related)

                          I know its not my car as I have tried on several and then been to a friends house and his worked perfectly.

                          I have tried no fewer than 3 different versions with no joy.

                          Could anyone remotely help me get this working PELASE.

                          I am pretty tech savvy and been good with computers for 15+ years and this has got me to a point where i nearly smashed my laptop screen slamming it.

                          All help is MASSIVLY appreciated.


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                            Daniel Gaughran Vazquez shared a link to the group: Modified ///BMW Owners Club. — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                            Well we done it folks, we are now officially a tribe on Drive Tribe!! Now let's continue to grow! Ideally I wna get all of our members on there!!! It's acts similar to Instagram or Facebook but specifically for us petrol heads! You can follow members as well as joining the tribe itself and posting!!

                            Want to keep up with the latest car news? Get joining!!! Go Go Go!

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                              Photos from Nath Jones's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                              Any e36 intrested in a swap

                              2001 bmw 318i se 1.9 8v saloon in silver

                              Covered 162k

                              Mot till feb but will put full mot on

                              Car has :

                              .remote central locking

                              .electric windows x4

                              .Cruise control

                              .steering wheel controls

                              .built in radio with 6 cd changer in boot

                              The car has had a few modifications:

                              .lowered all round on coilovers

                              .18" ac schnitzer alloys

                              .single rolled tip exhaust

                              .lip spoiler

                              .msport rear bumper

                              .msport front bumper

                              .tinted windows all round

                              .wind deflectors

                              .alcantra interior


                              .white angel rings

                              .led number plate bulbs

                              .blue calipers

                              .air filter

                              Car has got a couple marks as to be expected for the age of car

                              Only have green slip to car has this is all i recieved when got it

                              Drives well overall

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                                Photos from Azim Noor's post — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                                Spent a lot of money on it already but also collecting parts lol

                                Done so far -

                                Full service

                                All 4 suspension arms changed

                                Few ball joints

                                Fog light glass changed, inners sprayed black and hids fitted on fogs

                                Head unit changed


                                Bc racing Coilovers being fitted

                                Track rod centre and ends being changed

                                Also to fit in the coming week

                                Angel eyes

                                New wheels


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                                  DRINK DRIVING WARNING — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                                  DRINK DRIVING WARNING

                                  I know we car owners are responsible, but this is a warning to be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas.

                                  A couple of nights ago, I was out for a few drinks with some friends after work. One thing lead to another and I had a few too many pints and then topped it off with a couple of jaegerbombs. Not a good idea. Knowing full well I was over the limit, I did something I’ve never done before...

                                  I left my car in town and took a taxi home. Sure enough, I passed a police checkpoint where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalizer tests. Because I was in a taxi they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise..

                                  I've never driven a taxi before and I am not even sure where I got it from.

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                                    Question time if anyone can help got an f21 and the clutch pedal is really... — Modified BMW Owners Forum

                                    Question time if anyone can help, got an f21 and the clutch pedal is really light, I know the clutch isn't bad because only really do motorway miles and it's only done 30k(+ just lifting the clutch about quarter of the way up you can see the revs increase where it's starting to engage) I know they're on a hydraulic system; would air in the system cause the pedal to feel light? Tia

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