Made the mistake of SELECTing my CLASSIC O2 from a builder in the Dallas area

Made the mistake of SELECTing my CLASSIC O2 from a builder in the Dallas area. Among other things, the car was shipped with an oil leak. Turns out the oil leak was from the distributor flange below the oil pressure switch because a "mechanic" did not add the washer gasket to the hex bolt.

After my son and I took the dizzy flange off the block, we noticed the hex bolt mentioned above had minimal threads on the lower half. My son also said it seemed to come out easier than the other bolts. Didn't really think much about this until we decided the test fit the flange and the new hex bolt and washer gasket.

The new bolt felt like it could not grab any threads. We pulled the flange off, and my son noticed what he thought were the remains of an old washer. Turns out what he saw hanging out of the bolt hole were the remains of the threads.

I already think I know what my options are, but I'm still going to ask. Can the bolt hole in the block be tapped & the dizzy flange flange drilled to accommodate the larger bolt? Is there any way to drill out the bolt hole and press a threaded fitting in to accommodate the stock M6x20 hex bolt. It's an E12 head that was ported an polished. Also running a 292 cam...

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  • Well, we just googled helicoil. Looks like what we pulled out was helicoil. So, someone stripped the bolt and reused the bolt. Also makes sense, now, why they left the washer gasket off...

    Oh well, learn as you go and try not to make the same mistakes.

    Avoid Selecting you Classic from that "gentleman" in Dallas!!!

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  • Ken, often times when a bolt is over torqued and the threads are pulled out they look like helicoils. My guess is that is what happened. A helicoil will probably still solve your problem.

  • Have you tried a new bolt? Helicoils are very strong.

  • +1 for Boris

  • Man I'm sorry Ken! Many have tried to warn of their work and flips they perform, hope you can get this fixed.

  • Who runs that shop?

  • Between my son & I, In think it's gonna be do-able. A lot of work, but do-able...

  • First thing I'd try is a longer bolt. If that doesn't work, I would want to install a long Time Sert---NOT a HeliCoil---TimeSert inserts are stronger and less likely to leak.They come in long and short versions---I'd use a long one here. Access to that location will be difficult. Dropping the trans crossmember? Drilling an access hole through the firewall? Hopefully it won't be necessary to remove the engine!

  • Time-sert.

  • Will have to pull the head...

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  • Terry Sayther-doubt if longer bolt will work. Pretty sure we pulled the stripped threads out of the bolt hole.

    Terry Sayther & Felipe Silva-looked up time-sert. From the online pics & description does what appears to be a the flange at top of the insert extend beyond the top of the bolt hole?